Million year love - Short story
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This is a story about a love wich has survived over million of years.
Long ago, all the continents were one and on that continent there
was a Empire. A young king who had been blessed with Eternal life
and power unimaginable to human kind. But on this land , there
was not one single speck of life other than his. The king had
always lived alone for thousands and thousands of years, But one
day a flower bloomed.The young king was surprised and joyful
to the fact that he may not be alone anymore. Day by day , he
waters the flower and provide it with love. Slowly the flower
Grew taller and larger. Soon after it took form of a girl.
The king was clueless and though it was normal. One day the king
was laying near the flower and the flower gently moved her arms
and slowly hugged the king. Deep in his sleep , the king still
felt the love of the flower. Morning came and the king found
the flower , was not a flower no more but a girl. Overflowing
with happyness , he started to try to communicate with her.
Soon they started to understand each other but theyre meeting
was soon abt to end. The flower told the king that she must wither
winter come. The king refused that his love is to perish, therfore
he tried to stop the weather itself. But even with his powers
It is useless agaisnt the will of the gods themselves. Slowly,
slowly she withered away leaving her last words. " My dear king,
do not cry. For i shall always be with you and i would never
leave you alone anymore. I will give birth to millions of our
children brought through our love. Therefore do not be sad my king
i will always be here for you...". The king was in deep pain.
His tears gave birth to the oceans, his pain had caused
The Continent to seperate. The king full of despair had gone into
Eternal sleep in the center of the earth where he may Forever
Watch his children.

What he does not know is that thousands of his children are cut
down every day. Cut to make propertys, steped on .

Full of errors i know. Made it fast SHADAP !
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i smoke the plants is that ok?
lol jk. nice story anyway
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your point is?

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blablabla9876 wrote:

your point is?


No real point lol
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blahblah Who's gonna read this anyways?
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izickree wrote:

blahblah Who's gonna read this anyways?

No1 since im just posting D:
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I liked it. The king fucked the flower chick. Nice...
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nice story. thanks.
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interesting indeed but no personal threads allowed here, sorry!
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