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Madara asks Sasuke is he understands that Itachi implanted Amaterasu to ensure they never met? And the only ones to know the truth of matters were Danzou, Sandaime Hokage and his two advisors. And with the Third's death, the other three dare not reveal the truth, it will be forgotten with time, just how Itachi wanted.

Sasuke doubles over and Madara offers that he knew the truth also, but Itachi didn't realize it. He explains that Itachi implanted Amaterasu just in case Madara himself did in fact know. Sasuke asks in confusion what he means, it was to protect me? Madara asks Sasuke to remember his friendly older brother.

Sasuke remembers how Itachi's murderous moves conflicted with his early compassion. Sasuke begins to cough and Madara moves to calm him. Sasuke slaps Madara away and struggles to make sense of Itachi's conflicting nature. He passes out and awakes to find himself bound by Madara.

Sasuke states Itachi murdered their parents and clan and joined Akatsuki, he hated him, and he was his goal. Madara says yes, Itachi did kill the clan and flee. And he did it all on orders from Konoha. Sasuke is shaken and Madara explains that revelation is the first step in understanding what happened. Itachi gave up his self-worth to complete his mission and to understand everything, one has to learn of Konoha's founding.

Itachi was a sacrifice for a problem which arose long ago. Sasuke asks what that means and Madara states the following story is all true, whether Sasuke believes him or not. Sasuke says fine and Madara recounts of a warring time 80 years previously. During that time countries hired clans to fight, and the two most powerful were the Uchiha and the Senju of the Forest.

the Uchiha were a warrior clan who possessed the Sharingan and high chakra. Madara offers that was especially so with himself; the fact he's still around proves such. Everything back then was battle and strength determined everything, so he killed his friend and brother to become stronger.

Sasuke calls him a bastard but Madara ignores him, stating that path granted him Eternal Mangekyou and made him leader of his clan. It was in this position he fought the Senju and their leader, Senju Hashirama, the man who would become Shodai Hokage. The man who was at the top of the ninja world, the man Madara himself admired the most...

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