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You Want Tw Drama Mars in Japanese Version
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26 / F / New York
Posted 9/24/08
Sure why not I find that the Japanese are always a lot faster and strait to the point, taiwanese dramas can be so long, and also I heard a rumor that they are remaking Mars and Maki and Akanishi Jin would be the two leads. I actually think they would be cute together, especially since she was on an episode of Cartoon Kat-Tun, he seemed like he was interested, or atleast he was nice to her. But I'm not sure its just a rumor so don't take my word
Posted 11/10/08
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36 / F / Guadalajara, Jali...
Posted 2/23/10
Yes!!!! *_*

I only watched about the 2 or 3 first chapters of Mars, but I think a japanese version would be really interesting and nice, and probably better because I think it would be a conservative version.

I would really like to see a conservative version of Mars.
And besides, of course the original story is from Japan, so...

(sorry for my bad english, is not my language!)
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