Favorite Scene of Rukia with Ichigo..
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Posted 4/28/08
first when, rukia was going to be taken back to the soul society,, how the two of then tried to protect each other,, so heart-wrenching but still kawaii to watch,,
(im in teary-eyes that time,,)

next was,, when ichigo`s first attempt to save rukia,

how i love the way he says : "i came to Save YOU"
-without looking at her,,

then even with Byakuya and Ukitake`s presence,,
the two of them start to act like cats and dogs again,,
how i love that moment they talk like that to each other!

sure they both missed one another,,

then in his second attempt to save her,,
this time he finally succeeded,,

it is where rukia said she wont thank ichigo from saving her,,
and all ichi had ever said was "sure"..

uhmm there were a lot of scenes to post here!!
i`ll go and find those nice ones!!
how about yours?
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