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Everlasting Life
Posted 8/21/08
Why do we even need everlasting life for? In the end,everyone around me will just die...might as well juz die with them,i mean it won't be so bad going to heaven or hell right?
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F / In my fantasies.
Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/25/08
It's funny how i find threads like these.

Anyways, even if some of us believe that there is everlasting life, I think we should try to concentrate on what is right in our faces at this moment. To not think about what is in the other side of the gate but to wait for it and live the life we currently have to the fullest. Because, I, for one dont want to have such thoughts when i go to heaven or hell having regrets that i could have done better at something. I want to belive on a future, that there is something, anything for that matter, waiting when i reach the other side. There are a lot of religion and what we belive happens on an everlasting life depends on that.
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