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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 8/24/08
sorry guys...
finally i'm going to post the chapter 3


Tomoyo and eriol were walking together

"its been an hour now, do you think thay are okay?" tomoyo ask

eriol look at her and he notice that the mark of her tears is still visible

"here" eriol handed out a handkerchief
"whats this for?"
"your beautiful face still have the mark of your tears" tomoyo blush

eriol smile

"didn't i ask you the same question before? don't worry, they will be fine" eriol said starring at tomoyo's eyes

"thanks but......" tomoyo stop

eriol look at what tomoyo is looking at, it was syaoran and he was carrying sakura sound asleep

"what happen" tomoyo asking



"DON"T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?" sakura shouted

"I love you......... but"

sakura embraced syaoran tight, it was like in the past

"why did you leave me?" sakura said crying "answer me!"

"sakura" syaoran whisper, sakura look up

suddenly their lips met together, sakura wanted to get away but syaoran is holding her tight. still crying, she have fallen asleep

**********end of flashback*****************

"thats what happen" syaoran

both tomoyo and eriol are speechless

sakura's house

their was a knock on the door

"hey squirt your back" touya said then he notice sakura
"asleep? she already woke up late and its only pass 5 hours when she got up and now she is asleep again?!" touya said teasing her sister "well, come in"

"is she okay now?" tomoyo ask
"yeah, still sound asleep in her bedroom" syaoran said
"so, the way i heard, you haven't told sakura about it don't you" touya ask
"well, yes"
"when are you going to tell her or are you really going to tell her?"
"i'm going to tell her but not now"

everyone is quiet


"SYAORAN!" sakura shouted
"it was a dream, no its not a dream"
living room

"sakura are you alright?" syaoran ask but sakura didn't answer him
"so, you don't want to talk to me do you?"
"first tell me the reason why you left me" sakura said in an angry voice


don't know what to write anymore... joke... sorry again for the wrong grammar....

pls. leave a comment or suggestion
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Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/26/08
Nice!!! hoping to read the next chapter!
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