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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 1/4/11
Alright. This contest gives you the chance to create your own Bleach Character. It can be based off yourself or w/e.

Rules & Guidelines

* Must be related to Bleach (Meaning, shinigami, hollow, vizard, espada, humans are okay I guess, but make them special , ect.)

* THERE HAS TO BE A PICTURE!! Whether you draw it yourself or edit one of another Bleach Character, I don't care, I just need a picture.

* Picture CANNOT have inappropiate clothes on

* Description IS required. Minimum of four sentences, but no longer than 3/4 of a page!

*Two week long contest.

* This contest will NOT be judged by your drawing skill.More along the lines of your creativity. The drawing is also a portrayal of your creativity!

* Please put entries in spoiler boxes!


Contest Ends January 31st!
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