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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 4/29/08

Still evening...

Jason was the only one left on the streets at this time of night.

Already the blood on his hands and shirt began to dry.

Since he's been running for about several minutes and there appeared to be no others around, he sat down on a bench trying to catch his breath. He sat there for the longest damned time. Until he heard a noise coming from a nearby truck that had the back doors slightly open.

Just to be prepared for anyone, he reached out his knife which was also in blood as well.

One more couldn't hurt.... Jason thought to himself. He opened the door more and prepared himself.


Throughout his life, Jason Pierce had these dreams of insanity, even during childhood. He was an average student who managed to have enough friends to not feel so lonely in life. He was relatively slim and good looking at the time. His pure black hair looked distinguished and clean. He didn't have a care for sports really despite his achievements in PE. He gained a certain respect from everyone....except for the school bully named Frank Genrod.

During middleschool, Frank was always the school bully and enjoyed the tormenting of others. Some would say that he was pretty obese and large for a 14 year old. His blonde hair would always look greasy even if he washed it. His shirts seemed to be too small for him as well since his stomach would always hang out. Also, Frank took advantage of his hugeness and pushed around all of the smaller more weaker.

Jason would be his last...

On the last day of March, Frank had noticed that Jason's wallet was relatively full of cash. So he decided to take what was rightfully his to steal.

"Yo! Jacy boy!" Frank cried out, "how's about you hand over that amount of cash you gots in your wallet?"

Jason, however, merely cocked his head up and says, "How's about you shove off somewhere else, Frankie boy"

This made Frank red with anger. "YOU SON OF A-" He began to shout as he threw his fist at Jason.

However, Jason saw this, ducked at last second, grabbed a fork from the ground carelessly left over from lunch, and jabbed Frank in his left eye.

"AAAAHHH!!! MY EEEEYYYEEE!!!" Frank cried out. Then Jason proceded into pushing him down, grabbed a bat that someone else had held out (since not many people liked Frank really), and proceeded in whacking the fat bastard.

At first, most people figured that Jason would simply give Frank a few wacks with the bat a few times to give Frank a good lesson.

Jason....did more than just a few wacks...

Each blow was at the face. Some hits landed on the fork still lodged in Frank's left eye and would nail the fork deeper inside. Each time Frank would scream in agony....each time a piece of the skull would give a loud crack.

It took teachers awhile to realize what was happening.

One week later, Jason was tried for insanity, murder, and sentenced to four years of his school years in an asylum.

During those four years, he had a guidance counselor sent in to help with his mental instability. Even though there was little evidence toward it...

At age 19, Jason was released, well educated, and ready to start a new life.

At 23, he married a woman named Lucy. They spent twelve years together....twelve unhappy years.

Marriage doesn't alway become happy. Things were rocky from the start. Most of the nearby townfolk thought one would kill the other eventually.

Which of course, happened.

Since Lucy had a short temper, the news of financial dept was always an excuse to take it out on Jason whose job was slightly underpaid. Jason, attempting to calming her (and himself) down, claimed that his job is something that he enjoys and is not willing to take any other. Still furious, Lucy gave him crap that it wasn't good enough. Jason, now loosing his own sense, snapped at her saying that she wants him to be unhappy.

Lucy then slaps his face. As a reaction, Jason punches Her right in the jaw.

Looking shocked while rubbing the spot he hit, she decided to sue him and claim all of the property in the house. All of it....

There was a long pause. Jason turned toward the counter. Lucy told him to get out, but Jason had other plans....

He turned back toward his wife....with a knife.....and proceeded to ending her life....

He stabbed her shoulder first. And while she was flopping along the ground, he got on top of her and brought the knife down on her body over...and over...and over...and over.....the body was practically leaking blood all over the carpet, but he does not stop....

Realizing what he has done, and with blood on his hands, he took off running with the knife in his jacket.

I don't care....the bitch got what she deserved...

He would rethink his actions after seeing what was in the truck.

Inside it were cadavers as far as the eye could see. Some were decapatated. Others were slashed by scars that would appear to belong to some sort of wild beast or something. Alot of those poor souls had their eyes, jaws, and sexual organs removed....or rather, torn apart. To add an extra icing on the cake, some of the bodies with the worst injuries were still alive...unable to speak due to the apparant removal of the tongues.

Jason would have ran as far from this as possible. He saw it to be a reflection of what his life could have been. What would be his job....torture and murder...He wanted to run....if not for a voice behind him.

A creepy, high piched whisper of a voice....

"What do you think? Want to be apart of my masterpieces? Hehehehehehe...."

He turned and only saw a figure that appeard...inhuman in appearance. It wore a metal facemask that was long and shown having the right eyehole show the small black part of the eye's pupil. Whereas the left side has the eye fully exposed. Red. Shaking. Centered around a hole in the mask caused by unknown purpose.
This thing also appoeared to have a very slim body that had a similarly jagged pattern like a centepede's body. Its arms were relatively long as well; showing signs of metalicness throughout. Its hands were about the same except it was pure metal and such, especially the fingers that appeared sharp like claws belonging to a
(wild beast)
comic book character from X-men. Its legs were of metal and were just like icycle feet of any kind. And to top it all off, there appeared to be some sort of tail along its back.

Jason would have seen more if the thing didn't use its claw-like fingers to
(nail deeper inside)
slash out the eyes.

He screamed as the creature then got on top of him and started to slash out his body.

Each swipe ended up tearing the flesh from the bone. Each time you can hear
(a piece of the skull give a loud crack)
a gushing noise coming from the now exposed arteries and torn pieces of bone landing on the side of the road. The creature would continue each attack while laughing insanely.


The creature was soon interupted by a deep weezing voice.

"*cough* *weeze* Aren't you finished YET, Madness? We went out and took some time off, but we need to get back."

"Awwww....but I was having fun, brother. Look at all the wonderful works of art I did in the truck!" The creature that has been identified as Madness called out pointing at the truck.

A gigantic figure of about 8 feet tall approached the truck. It was covered in some heavy armor with a more black metallic cover than Madness's body. The legs appeard to be able to crush anything it stepped on. The arms were a tad smaller, but were carrying huge guns. The shoulder pads appeared slightly flat on top of the arms. And in the center of it all, was were a core was found just below the head. The head, by the way, was bald, stern look, and a muffled face mask that covered up to the upper part of the nose.

Its facial expression barely changed when it saw the inside of the truck. It shook its head a bit and said, "As always, you're sloppy. Do you have the decency of keeping the blood off EVERYTHING? Honestly, it's like you want everyone to know what has transpired here."

"But Sickness!" cried out Madness, " I can't help it if I tend to actually enjoy a day off without worrying about 'decency' shit!"

"*sigh* Whatever...*hack hack* Let's....head ......back now *cough*" Sickness added with another weeze.

And just like that, both creatured disappeared into darkness...

The next morning, the discovery of the truck was all across the news everywhere. Some farensic studies were unable to determine over half of the bodies found due to the amound of damage done. One of them being Jason.

Later on, Lucy's body was discovered as well and threw that in with the other deceased. Unable to determine who or what had done all of this.

There were absolutely no traces of Sickness or Madness in the area ever since.....


And thus, the first story for this group is done. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm not as proud of it, but it is a good hint as to what I may bring here.
I was inspired by Steven King to write these kind of stories. They really are rich with detail. Some of which I could never pull off.
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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 4/29/08
OH!!! I DID READ THIS!! XD this is the first thing i read out of curiosity when i joined! This is actually pretty damn good dude, it kept my attention, the fact that this murderer was murdered by what he could have become really was a nice point. The main issue is the naming of madness and sickness, though that is also a good touch in a way depending on how you run with it. Simple and sweet, but to some it may seem a little TOO simple , i personally like it though. ^_^
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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 4/29/08
by simple and sweet i meant the names BTW...
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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 4/29/08
EEEEEEEPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMAGAWD. FANTABOLOUS! ^____^ Great Job. I love it. It does give out a little bit of Stephen King there though, to say the least. But none the less, great. ^___~ Can't wait for the next part to this if there is.
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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 4/29/08
There is. Hence the "I" thing. There is a "II"
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