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Hi Hi I wanted tto start my own story on here ^_^ please post comments if you want and ask me or PM me if you want to see what the characters look like ~~~~ thank you....

Prologue Part 1:

A single shot and it was all over, the dead body of a twelve year old girl laid helplessly on the ground a bullet in her head ended her tragic life. Her eyes were still open and Langdon could see tears forming in them, her mouth was open slightly as if she was still crying for help.
“ I thought we were suppose to bring her back alive” he heard one of the officers behind him speaking quietly to another officer.
“We were, but she threatened to attack us” he replied. “Filthy witch”
Langdon sighed and reached down at her face, he was hoping to close the girl’s eyes and was about to when-
“Officer Langdon!!” he turned to see the commander walking toward him, Langdon read on Earth there was once a man who wanted power he believed his name was Hitler, Langdon saw pictures of him he was German and had a funny mustache and glaring eyes. That man reminded him of his commander now.
“Yes sir” Langdon stood up and saluted.
“What are you doing?!”
“I was going to close her eyes sir.” he replied still saluting.
“No you cannot, we still need to take pictures of this-” he stopped to lift one of the girl’s hands with his foot “witch” he finished while kicking the hand off.
“Sir.” an officer came from behind them and saluted.
“At ease soldier, what is it” he asked gruffly.
“The Knights are here sir, to claim the body.”
“Good bring them here”
“Yes sir” he saluted again and walked away only to return with three men in armor.
“Good afternoon boys” the commander smiled devilishly.
The one with a silver plate on his chest seemed to be the leader he paid no attention to him instead without looking at any of the officers he said “I thought you were suppose to bring her back alive!”
“She threatened us sir, we had no choice.” the commander answered.
“I see.” the other Knight answered. “The scientists wont be to happy that they lost an experiment.”
Langdon looked down, he didn’t understand why witches were so dangerous they seemed so innocent and loving like they would have never hurt any of the humans. He looked at the girl’s body again, people were already taking pictures of her body, her face. Tomorrow there were going to be all over Kadiya, the dead witch’s pictures with a normal picture telling people on Kadiya that another witch was dead.

In the morning Susan went by her usually business, she bought bread and fruit and some veggies. It was raining, not hard but hard enough for her to hide under an umbrella, she passed shops with many things that could be interesting for weeks of dinner but she stuck to healthy things that would keep the others in good shape. A cool breeze came and Susan wrapped her shawl more around her shoulders, trying to keep warm, she was getting ready to go home when she saw them. The posters, the one in the middle was a normal picture of a twelve year girl who wasn’t smiling, she had light green hair and brown eyes, four other pictures were in the corners, they were pictures of her dead body. One showing her face, another her body, one of her bullet wound to her head and the last was of her hand. Susan looked closely at the picture of her hand, there was something written on it. She looked even closer, finally she was able to see the words she read them quietly to herself.
“Eht Megs Gnoleb ot Ima” Susan peered at them again, they made no sense what’s so ever and Susan was even more confused but she wrote the words down anyway. She put the pen and notebook away in her purse and looked at the girls normal picture again.
“Poor Abby, Pella is going to miss her.” Susan said quietly again. “She’s also going to get angry….the Nature Witch is dead.”
Susan realized tears were in her eyes, she wiped them away and walked away looking down. She had to tell everyone of Abby’s death, it was going to be hard. Tears poured down her cheeks, she had every right to be sad after all she was a witch too.
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Proulgue Part 2:

Over thousands of years ago, humans normal non-magical beings have lived there lives alone. They lived in towns, cities, and villages. The humans who live in villages lived in wooden or straw cabins or houses, they planted crops in the fields and harvest them for themselves and the other towns. Humans who live in towns are much bigger and have a better community they harvest food like towns but have more variety. Also in towns they have lakes and gardens. And finally the cities they have more bigger buildings and apartments, also they have better job options. But the monsters from the dark areas around the world started attacking where the humans lived causing destruction throughout the land. Witches, magical beings who are all female came and destroyed the monsters, thankful for their help the humans gave the witches food, water, and shelter. And in return they gave them protection from monsters, and other forces. Everything was peaceful until one day a monster attacked a rice village and started destroying the rice from the fields, a young witch who was just beginning her training wanted to test her skills and attacked the monster by herself. Before however she attacked the monster it had dodged and her attack hit a small little girl from the village who died from the attack. Angered and confused the humans started neglecting the witches and gave them little food and water, the news of the girl’s death soon started to spread through the planet Kadiya. The humans later started to believe that the witches were the ones who created the monsters to attack them just so they could get food and shelter. Also angered by the humans, the witches gave them little protection and hardly any respect, soon they gave the humans no protection and the humans in return no longer gave them food or shelter. When the witches stopped protecting them however the more the monsters attacked; the more the monsters attacked the more the humans got angry. Scientists who were always interested in the witches, went to the ruling king at the time for support on the construction of the “Institute” . The Institute was a laboratory meant for the scientists to study the witches personally, the king who accepted the request began construction immediately, at first the witches thought it was like a place where they would talk about their existence to the people who would clear their name of the accident. When the construction was done, a few witches went over to talk to the scientists. But they never came back, it was quite clear after that, that the humans were trying to do more than just talk, the witches fearing for their lives went into hiding. Over years they got an ability allowing them to blend with the humans and live with them, but they couldn’t be their selves as much as they wanted to be, also over the years the scientists created another organization where they assembled other humans to hunt witches. They were known as “Knights” and they were assigned to hunt and bring back the witches to the Institute. Several years later, the Institute and the Knights still exist and only a few witches were able to escape from it…….

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cool very interesting and I might say it's like an anime series I hope I could read more
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Chapter One: The Witches Three~ ~

The lights turned on in the dark room, its brightness stung Ami’s eyes, she put her arm over her eyes and cursed them silently for turning them on, she hoped they would turn them back off so she could go back to sleep.
“Like that’s going to happen.” she thought angrily.
Ami heard Zeri stir in her sleep and Serine groan with tiredness, Ami sat up on the small lumpy mattress and looked at her two cell mates. Zeri was laying asleep on the ground against the wall, while Serine was curled in a ball next to the mattress. Ami gave a loud yawn and scratched her legs, the white lab dress was too itchy and too big for her, so the sleeves fell from her shoulders now and then, and the end of it was passed her knees. She fixed it before deciding to wake the two girls up.
“Wakey Wakey” she called softly to them. Zeri stirred again and Serine opened her sleepy eyes.
Zeri turned on her back and was muttering something too fast for Ami to hear. But she guessed she was cursing someone, either the people or Ami herself. Ami was up now and was fixing the pillow on the mattress, it only fit one person so the three switched every night, last night was Ami’s turn. Ami turned toward the others; Zeri was straightening out her hair her face full of disgust and tiredness, Serine was awake also but not quite her eyes still looked tired and she kept yawning. Zeri was the oldest of the three girls she was older than Ami by three months, she had medium long; light green hair and red eyes, Serine had much longer hair it was light blue that just passed her butt her eyes were a pretty royal blue, she was the youngest being younger than Ami by one month. Ami being the middle child had short light pink hair with purple eyes. The three girls were witches, five years ago they were all captured by Knights and Officers and were brought to the Institute they have all been here since they were only five years old, they were now ten. Ami heard footsteps in the background; a daily guard was coming to do his rounds, he was whistling and walking at a slow paste , Ami walked over to the cell gates and looked through their bars. The guard was fat and was wearing a brown uniform with a black belt, his orange hair ruffled out of his hat and his glasses were small for his face, in his right hand he was holding a leash which connected to the collar of a German Sheppard, in his left hand was a half eaten donut. Ami recognized him as Gus who usually worked every other day.
“Who’s making the rounds today?” Serine’s calm voice asked her eyes no longer looked tired.
“Gus” Ami answered quickly her eyes were kept on Gus.
Gus walked like a penguin, always waddling to his destination, when they were passing the girls cell, the German shepherd stopped to sniff the bars then he continued to walk with Gus, Gus looked at Ami with disgusted eyes then also walked away.
“Jerk” Zeri grumbled, Ami glanced at her she was still trying to smooth out her hair only now Serine was trying to help her.
“Isn’t some important guys suppose to come?” Serine asked again with her calm voice.
“I think so but there’s no way of telling.” Ami leaned against the bars watching Zeri and Serine smooth out Zeri’s tangled hair.
“And where’s Dio?” Zeri asked this time.
Ami just shrugged, Dio was a floating crystal that Ami met when she was three, it wasn’t like an ordinary crystal he talked with Ami through her mind and interacted with the others. Dio wasn’t his real name, his name was much longer and complicated and sounded to professional so Ami stuck with just calling him Dio.
“I have no idea where he is.” Ami spoke the truth she hadn’t seen Dio since last night.
After a little while scientist woke up and were doing their daily business, two came by their cell. The first asked for a blood sample from Serine, she was asking her for blood she was demanding, Serine had to do it or she would get a beating from the guard that was with her.
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The second scientist came into the cell to check Zeri’s eyes, last week they did a test on why Zeri’s eyes were red. Ami thought it was a stupid test, nothing made them turn red they were just her natural eye color. Gus came every now and then giving off his rounds around the Institute he still had the German Shepherd with him and each time he came back he had a half eaten something. Another scientist came in this time for Ami, with her was a guard who had handcuffs in his hand, she looked back at Zeri and Serine they were looking at her with troubled eyes.
“Its alright.” she assured them. They’re eyes relaxed a little but they were still troubled.
Ami stepped forward and allowed the guard to handcuff her hands together, she knew it was standard procedure they did this just in case we tried to attack, the scientist walked in front of her while the guard walked behind her, she wished she knew where Dio was or if he was alright. Normally he would have gone with her to make sure she was alright but this time he wasn’t here, she passed cells with witches inside as well, they were all young cause witches don’t age. But she passed one cell with a single witch inside her face was old and wrinkly and she looked like she was in pain. The guard stopped her from behind, the scientist who was in his mid thirty’s walked toward the old witches cell; two scientists were there writing things down a clipboards.
Ami heard the scientist talk “How is the age processing doing?”
“Well, by giving her this medication everyday she aged like a regular human.”
“Fascinating, amazing how witches don’t age.”
Ami looked away refusing to listen to anything else the scientist came back and walked forward again, the guard pushed Ami forward as well, she dared to look back at the old witch. She was looking at Ami with sad painful eyes, Ami wondered what she looked liked before they gave her the medication. They continued to walk, with the scientist stopping at numerous places each with a witch subject they walked for hours and Ami wondered if they were going to see the whole building.
“This is our last stop before heading to the doctor’s office.” he told the guard. The guard grunted.
Ami watched as the scientist walked toward at least ten scientists on computers they were all facing opposite of her and they were all looking through a glass wall, Ami looked what was there; behind the glass wall was another glass wall which Ami thought was completely pointless. Behind there was what looked like a babies room there was a small bed with toys and letter blocks, it took awhile to realize that there was two glass rooms separated by a glass wall in the middle. Ami forced her eyes to look closer, inside she saw a baby about two years old walking around on her small feet, her hair was beginning to grow on her head and she was sucking her little thumb. Ami saw a sign on the wall it read “Max”.
“That must be her name.” Ami thought.
But then she saw a sign right next to it that read “Sam”
“I don’t get it then?? Does she have two names?”
Ami this time forced her ears to work more she heard the scientists talking “Subject J-2401 or “Jazz” is growing fast her cloning abilities are working well.”
“Cloning abilities?” Ami wondered what that meant that’s when she saw it the other baby on the other side of the glass wall.
“Subject R-2401 or “Razz” is also doing well.” the scientist spoke again.
“Are they identical twins?” Ami wondered once again.
“She’s cloning again, that test you did is working shes not any different from the clone procedure.”
“Yes I know.”
Ami looked at the one called “Jazz” next to her was another identical baby. “Was she there before!!” Ami’s eyes were practically bulging out of her eyes.
“New subject; Subject P-2401 “Pazz””
The scientist came back out and told the guard to follow them, the guard pushed Ami forward again, she walked forward but she continued to look at “Jazz” “Razz” and “Pazz” then she thought “Poor things having to become clones without even realizing it.”
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They walked some more this time they were no longer making stops, they stopped at a door that read “Doctor’s Office”
“In here.” the scientist took Ami by the sleeve and pulled her toward the door, he opened it and pushed her inside. The door closed and she was left alone with a very bright room where everything was white.
“Subject A-2494 or “Ami” how are you today?”
Ami turned suddenly the voice startled her and she was terrified on what might happen.
“My name is Doctor Velma.”
“H-Hi” Ami stuttered.
“And how are you?” she asked again.
“Good I’m going to take a blood sample and then I’m going to check your temperature and then I’m going to ask you some questions.”
“Um…No.” Ami said quietly.
“No? Why?”
She didn’t answer she heard Velma sigh and then talk firmly. “Do you know why you’re here?”
“Um…No.” she said again.
“You’re here because of this.” Velma stood up and walked toward a container with a sheet over it, she pulled the sheet off and revealed the inside of the case. Inside was Dio, his sandy crystal shell was hitting the glass.
“Dio!” she walked forward but Velma put her arm in front of Ami.
“We scientists find it interesting that you have something like this so tell me witch what is it!” her voice went from soft to cold.
“I-I…” Ami couldn’t find her voice.
The door opened and the scientist came back in, Ami saw Zeri and Serine with him “You wanted these two as well?”
Velma sighed impatiently and put her hand to her forehead “Yes bring them in.”
He pushed Zeri and Serine inside “Watch It!!” Zeri cried.
“Shush Zeri!” Serine told her firmly.
The door closed again and Velma went back to where Dio was.
“Hey!! What are you doing with Dio!!” Zeri shouted again.
Velma lifted the glass cage and Dio zoomed out toward Ami he circled around her a few times then floated by her shoulder.
“Dio are you okay?” Ami asked through her mind.
“Yeah I don’t know what happened they took me last night when we were all sleeping”
“That thing seems fond of you.” Velma asked she sounded jealous. “Now I’m going to ask again What is it?”
“I don’t-”
“Filthy witches answer me now!” Velma shouted.
After that everything happened fast like things were on fast forward. Zeri had charged through Ami and Serine she jumped on Velma and started hitting her stomach like she was a crying baby except she wasn’t the one crying, Velma was, tears had sprung from her eyes and she was crying telling Zeri to get off of her, she kept pulling at Zeri’s hair and was trying to get her off of her.
Zeri continued to punch her everywhere she landed a blow on Velma’s nose causing it to bleed.
“Get off!!” Velma continued to scream.
“Get off of her Zeri!!” Serine yelled at Zeri, Serine was the most calm of the three and she hardly got mad right now she looked really mad.
Ami just stared at the whole scene as if it was a movie, then she couldn’t take it anymore she busted out laughing.
“AMI!!!! Why are you laughing!!” Serine yelled.
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