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Posted 8/12/11 , edited 8/12/11

punkrockingeek wrote:

omg seriously?? I wonder if it's shown in S'pore

and btw, remaking an indon show of 1LOT sounds awesome. More people can hear about Aya's story. If you hate BHN because of it's horrible change in plot, then don't blame lollicandies cause she's only stating the fact that more people are able to listen to Aya's hardships. I think Aya would be happy to know more people can hear about her story. I have no idea what BHN is like, but lollicandies is only saying it's good that people can hear about Aya so don't go scolding as if she's got something against Aya 0.o

Maybe BHN can change more lives, just like you and me who were touched by Aya ^^ who cares about those idiots who just try to make more money, maybe good comes out of evil sometimes~

The only thing BHN made me do was LAUGH. It is plainly disrespecful against Kito Aya (the fact that they claimed as teir own story)
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