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M / Somewhere...beyon...
Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08
ok, i have absolutely no idea what you're typing...

(chaichai's 1st & 2nd posts, Miyuki's viewpoint.)
Teacher: Hello class! We have a new student who just transferred here today. Let's welcome Momoyaki Sataru!
Sataru: Hello! My name is Sataru. I've been transferred here from a school in Tokyo...
Miyuki: *mutters to herself* boring, I wish school would end soon...
[Miyuki looks out the window and sees a shadowy figure bend down, out of view]
Miyuki: This is strange...was he watching us? I have a bad feeling about this.
[Miyuki asks the teacher for permission to go to the restroom. She slips out of the school building in hopes of catching the suspicious-looking person who was outside the window, but she saw no one.]
Miyuki: There's no one here! Was I imagining it?

[After school, Miyuki decides to go straight home, instead of watching the after-school club's activities as she usually does. On her way home, she spots Sataru. Just as she is about to call out to him, a strange woman stops Sataru.]
Miyuki: *thinks to herself* Is that Sataru-kun's mom? Ah, She's leaving! But what's with that weird laughter?
[As Miyuki moves closer, she notices that Sataru seems to be in a daze.]
Sataru: What's going on...who...who said that...?
Miyuki: Umm...Sataru-kun? Are you all right?

Ok, I'll stop there. I'll leave it up to chaichai to continue the story from this point =)
I edited some of the text that I took from your posts. Hope you don't mind >.<
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