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What interests you?
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27 / M / USA
Posted 10/8/12
Might be a long list but here it goes:
Video Games- Like to have something fun to do and also it is something I can do with my friends.

Computers- Always been good at constructing these and it is a good utility to use.

Linux Operating System- Have full control of the OS and can be used however you want to use it.

Translating Video Games- I have been doing this for a while. :P

Software Engineering- I am wanting to create applications and operating systems.

Martial Arts- Exercise and of course improving my hand-to-hand/weapon(Dao/Guan Dao/Staff/Jian) combat.

Role-playing games(Dungeons & Dragons, CyberPunk, White Wolf, so on...)- Really fun to play and is also a good social game.

Writing Books- I am actually creating a role-playing game right now and after that I can create books based off of campaigns I have ran with my friends.

Making Video Games- I have always been interested in this ever since I was a kid. :)

Anime(after all I am on Crunchy Roll )- Found there stories to be more defined and are more mature then cartoons are.

Art- Eh? I like to draw and create things.

Creativity- I like people who think outside the box and I would even prefer to be around someone who is creative.

Philosophy- Well, I would rather be wise than to ignorant. :)

History- Can learn a lot from this to prevent such things as repetition of history.

Sayings(Specifically Japanese and Chinese sayings)- I just like them, I don't have a better reason than that. :P
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22 / F / Louisiana
Posted 10/11/12
Too much way too much
Posted 10/11/12
Mysterious things.
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Posted 10/12/12
Tv junkie
Rpg games
Posted 10/12/12
Idiots. It's a good way to pass the time.
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