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Famous People Who Share Your Birthday
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27 / F / Lost In The Anime...
Posted 7/5/11
im august 14 and some people are : mila kunis from thats 70's show she played the part jackie also did megs voice on family guy
earvin"magic"johnson hall of fame NBA player , steve martin actor/comedian.
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27 / F / Lost In The Anime...
Posted 7/5/11

siwon_amix wrote:

Does anyone know a celebrity that has the same birthday of me?
january 30

dick cheney,franklin D roosevelt,christian bale
Posted 7/6/11
Tara Reid..yay
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F / Davao
Posted 7/9/11
Johnny Depp
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20 / F
Posted 7/9/11
June 12
there was a whole list but Anne Frank was the only one I recognized XD
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36 / F / Florida
Posted 7/9/11
April 7th

Jackie Chan
Russell Crowe
Francis Ford Coppola
David Frost
James Garner
William Eythe
Billie Holiday
William Wordsworth
John Strong
Tiki Barber
Eve Salvail
Sophie Ward
Tony Dorsett
Bill Bellamy
Conner Rayburn
Jack Johnson
Kevin Alejandro
Iris Johansen
Pat Paterson
Florian Schneider
Don Biggs
Janis Ian
John Oates
Hazel Mae
Jerry Brown
Soledad Fandino
Darren Drozdov
St. Francis Xavier
Gabe Rivera
Daniel Guerard
Roberta Shore
Jordan McKnight
Jack Lawrence
Kelli Young
Andrew Sachs
Michaela Strachan
Julia Phillips
Sharka Blue
Harry Hay
Steve Wisniewski
Ken Fantetti
Bob Denard
William Monroe Trotter
Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia
Patricia Paay
Kledi Kadiu


Posted 7/9/11
John Cleese, I'm glad because he's awesome.
Posted 7/9/11 , edited 7/9/11
I would probably have to be the famous person muggles share their birthday with. JK
Feb. 28
Posted 7/9/11
Thomas Edison. I am rather proud, to say the least.
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20 / F / Wonderland
Posted 7/9/11
SASUKE XD,but I seriousy don't know anyone else
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24 / F / London Below
Posted 7/9/11
August 25 (The ones if bold are the ones I know)

Martin Amis
Cecil D. Andrus
Thea Astley
Jensen Atwood
John Badham
Leonard Bernstein
Rachel Bilson .
Conrad Black
Tim Burton
Vivian Campbell
David Canary
Cath Carroll
Sean Connery
Holly Coors
Bob Corker
Elvis Costello
Bob Crosby
Billy Ray Cyrus
Nathan Deal
Don DeFore
Dirk Dirksen
Geoff Downes
Allan Edwall
Niles Eldredge
Stacey Farber
Mel Ferrer
Rollie Fingers
Frederick Forsyth
Waldo Frank
Vo Nguyen Giap
Althea Gibson
Rob Halford
Monty Hall
Marvin Harrison
Bret Harte
Anthony Heald
Johann Gottfried
Arthur Cardinal Hinsley
Tom Hollander
Erich Honecker
Robert A. Hurley
Ivan the Terrible (Lovely...)
Graham Jarvis
Darrell Johnson
Van Johnson
Ruby Keeler
Walt Kelly Cartoonist
Theodor Kocher
Herbert Kroemer
Christian LeBlanc
James Lick
Blake Lively
Ludwig II
Robert Maschio
Yasuzo Masumura
Cameron Mathison
Jo Dee Messina
Eric Millegan
Kel Mitchell
Brian Moore
Stuart Murdoch
John Neal
Bill Nye
Regis Philbin
Allan Pinkerton
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
Rachael Ray
Michael Rennie
Frederick C. Robbins
Eugene Victor Rostow
John Savage
Claudia Schiffer
Shock G
Wayne Shorter
Gene Simmons
Richard A. Simonson
Alexander Skarsgård
Tom Skerritt
Mink Stole
Jonathan Togo
Jeff Tweedy
Blair Underwood
Sir Thomas Francis Wade
Ally Walker
George Wallace
Joanne Whalley
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Posted 7/9/11
Mine's Robert Pattinson ---> exactly the same birthdate.
Posted 7/13/11
ok this thread just ruined my day ¬¬
1st of march:
Alicia Leigh Willis
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Justin Bieber

why god??!! why?!!! also in the same year someone kill me now... wait no better kill him D:<
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Posted 7/13/11 , edited 7/13/11
Jessica Alba - U guyz jelly?
Penelope Cruz
Jay Leno
Harper Lee
Oscar Schindler
Saddam Hussein
Posted 7/13/11 , edited 7/13/11
Justin Bieber. March 1st. SHIT I just found out Ke$ha has the same birthday! YES! >:D
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