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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 4/30/08 , edited 5/14/08

"I am ..lost, though laying in this bed.. lying on my back....I am lost", thought to myself..
for the first 15 minutes after waking up.

It was a could april day, that felt like a regular one.. nothing in particular, and I felt the sun shine on my face, waking me up

just a normal day.. I thought..
in suburbia.. small town, with houses, and
bars, and shopping stores, and deli's

I got into the shower.., and the water was cold.. it didn't turn hot.. then it stopped.. and something weird happened.. the shower head started to blur... seriously..,, I blinked.. and it was whole again
I thought it was a dream, and yet de ja vu

Then... I got dressed
Jean's, a white t-shirt, and hoody..greenday..My favorite band.. No breakfast..

and went to school.. Mark Twain Highschool.. in America

Oh no the bus!.. the bus was passing by..its stop..I started to run for it but lost gas..panting..hands on my knees.. just kept walking..

My school had the jocks, the nerds, geeks, the populars, the classclowns, gangsters...fake name it

but.. while walking by..there was this asian girl..walking ..with, a sweater, and blue tights, and brown ugg boots, and a big falling hat..I thought it was cute..I just watched her pass by me.. Puberty lol.,

I walked to my class, and signed the tardy sheet, and walked to the desk, and slept..

Regular day, friends playing fighting, girls with their other girlfriends, me chilling with the geeky, outcasts
and yet .. it was nice,, but I kept thinking.., Something is COMPLETELY WRONG HERE"
Lunch break..I was near the fences

If you think this is boring... be not alarmed I thought too... Crash.. CRASH! OOHHH NICE!!!!! " wat was that?!"
It came from the the other side.. IT WAS A FIGHT!!

The security wasn't breaking it up.. They were watching... waiting when to stop. I thought to myself," Sick! hey that's.. they're two girls fighting"

It was one japanese girl, and an american girl.. The american girl.. taller, blond hair, with a punkrock look.. was going for grabs, and pulling hair... but this other girl

this other girl.. the japanese girl.. was blocking,, and kicking away.. It fascinated me..
Dark haired,with red, and blue streaks, and porcalain skin...

The security started to walk in.. to one heavy-set, the other small average build..
Smiling on their way.. Stop the fight the two said," but the blonde girl kept trying to grab her, and she did.. she grabbed her neck

.. but the other girl.... she took her arm.,, and used her legs.. to rotate.. making her back face the american.., and took her other arm.. to grab her shoulder.. and threw her over head..
Ippon Seoi Nage..
One arm shoulder throw.. and.. the blonde girl flew at the security.. rotating in air.
I was watching it.. like slow motion

then the two securit was aggravated.. and they called on their walky-talkies.."gkkresshh I need back up.." then they ran at the japanese girl.. no fighting stance.. just regular.. and grabbed her..

"You think it's funny?" the heavyset one said.. grabbing her from the back..
the japanese girl replied," She attacked me" the heavy set man.. through her down..
and started to choke her. , and control her

", hey Hey that's f*cked Up, Leave her alone!!!!" I screamed... the average one.. was looking at the crowd, and tried to a voice..
It was me.. "Oh Sh*t" I thought to myself... He looked at me... and hollered me out..
I ran out of to the football field.. and kept running.. and ran faster , and faster... and it felt free..
.. passing through familiars, and classmates.. pushing.. they were right behind me.. and I felt like an animal..

now I felt the presure..I felt if they caught me I would be sent to jail.... so I ran.. I ran outsidee,,, and went out the fences.. and to the street.. when a BUS WENT IN FRONt of me..
"Oh crap...".. then It screeched stop.. and the security.. tackled me,

"Officer I didnt do anything..", I complained..on the floor,. piled..

What?" You coulde been in this.. ,, and grabbed my arm... and called for back up.. and we were sent
to the principal's office

me sitting next to the girl.. " This is all your fault. I said to her."
She didn't reply rudely.. She just looked away"

I felt wrong inside, and said "Look I'm sorry.., I wasnt even in this.."
She turned her head, and replied," then why didn't you do anything"

I thought to myself.." I don't know.." I was so chocked.. i didnt have a comeback.. just putted my head down..,
then the girl was called to the office and looked at her leaving...

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28 / F / ΨThe world is my...
Posted 5/3/08
Wow...hahahahaha. Pretty good. I likes! ^___^ Good job!
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/14/08

The principal asked me in next.., the girl was still there.. sitting in front of his desk.
he didn't talk much.. this stoic man.. with white hair, and a matching mustache.. flowering his chrysantimums...
"Rodrick is it?" "Huh?, yeah.. Rodrick Patrick.", I replied.. He continued his business. I tried to interupt.. "Look..I have nothing to do with this... seriously, sir, so if you---" He interupted

"I don't know what's you're deal but.. in my school.. we follow the rules..., SIR", and he looked at me, and threw the pot out the window. "OW!" He got stung by a bee.. and it kept on flying.. .. as it flew passed us.. The girl looked straight without breaking a sweat.. and grabbed it in front of me..

"Gkkaa, that was cool", I burped.. with astonishment.. and while i said it.. The principal.. slammed his hand on the desk..
"You missed", he said with a grievous smile...

He let go his hand,, amd it was the bee.

so what did she have in her hand,,.. but a fly

..a metaphor.. meaning.. close but not enough

"Now you!!! Ayashiko Matsugane" You.. are new I correct?" "Yes", she shyly said.. while looking down on his shoes..
the principal.. looked down at her.. and told her to pick her head up.. "Since you're new here.. , and you mister.. ROdrick Patrick. .. Two days detention.. He escorted both of us outside the door..

Oh and do me a favor?" "What is it", I replied.. get my pot.." thank you.
.. and shut the door right in front of our faces..
" Baka", She sneered.. and walked away..

YO!! Wait up!! Where You from?" I asked running at her... "China?" .. She looked back at me.. with a pissed off attitude on her face.." Queens",.. she said.. "My bad, I mean country..", I said ..while kinda embarrassed..
"I'm from Japan.", she said.. "Nice to meet you, I'm RP." and offered a handshake..

"Ash", and gave me a pound, and kept on walking... "Listen I gotta go so ..see you tomorrow okay?" , and I bowed..
"and she laffed at me.. but she bowed back.."You're funny RP.. retarded but I'll see you tomorrow.. and walked away..

while walking away.. The same asian girl I met during the day.. passed her, and came back and gave her a hug,,

"Lesbians?".. I thought to myself... They started chatting away..

..and the girls started laffing, and and Ash look back and pointed at me.. and started to laugh,,

"I dont think this is a good look for me.."
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08

Ash was sitting in a seiza position.. in a dojo which was directly over the deli.. It was close to the library.. which.. The sensei was never seen.. but the assisant instructors were always present. It was in an apartment.. It seemed like all the masters lived there...

She was sweating in her white kimono.. panting.. nothng under but a sportsbra..
The floor was padded. The walls were white.. except for the side which was a big window.. and in front of the other students including her was a samurai uniform.. and the weapons..

There was the sound of Gorillaz... Clint Eastwood.. and other young potentials.. Kiai..

Ash ..was put to the side for conduct.. She was too loose.. to brash.. but in her mind.. she felt composed..

Then the door creaked... hello? "Who's that" she thought to herself.. It was a shy figure.. An instructor opened the door.. and it was a young man.. Going down the stairs..

"WAIT!!!" Ash yelled.. which was met by silence and causing them to stop.. It was Rodrick Patrick.. sweating.. The instructor.. opened the door more.. and his eyes met with her body.. sweating.. in that white kimono gi.. and he smiled questionable.."HI?"

OSU!! Come in!! Come into our dojo.. all are welcome..

..So Rodrick walked into the dojo.. with his average attire.. ..then the instrucor sttopped him.. with one arm..and Roddy grabbed it.. but please.." TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!!" Rodrick stopped.. and took off his shoes..

Then the master walked behind him.. and surprized Rodrick.. and he jumped.. "EEEHHhhhyaaa!!!!!!" he looked back and it was a man short of stature.. smiling.. laffing.,..

" I see you've entered my web said the spider, Plaise DOzu Yorishiku.... and bowed.. what are you here for.. " the sensei asked... " He replied..," I saw the people through the window.. so I wanted to see this place.. ..So what do you guys do here?"

"We are balls of energy,, bodies composed.. " He nodded in agreement like a child.. The sensei continued.. you ever heard a dog quiet?" Rod answered yes?.. But you've heared them..when they attack.. , and he smiled at Rodrick.."

"Ayashiko!!", The sensei called her out.. "Hai,Sensei G..oro" the Sensei replied,.. "I want you to show him you're swordform!" Hai! she replied.. with me!!!" Ashe was shocked.. But she contined.. "Yes, Sensei Goro..

It was two days after the detention.. and she didnt look pleased to see him.. but she kept her compose and trained with the students... sword.. staff.. tsai's ..she met wit professionalism.. while Rodrick watched her.. and felt ..her composure.. those the training was hard, and arduous,,.. she was calm.. and beautiful.. To him it was like art..
and he smiled.. to himself.. and when she fell.. he was worried.. until she got up and laughed it off.. and he began to laugh to.. and her mood changed..

In the end.. the bowed.. everyone went to one side.. and bowed to Sensei.. and they left.. but as Sensei was going to leave.. he saw the two talking while leaving.. and smiled.." That boy has a strong power to change people.. I am very proud of my daughter too..." He turned off the lights as he watched them walk far down the street.. and closed the Dojo door....

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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 7/15/08

I had a dream.. a dream like I was asleep.. but I was awake... and walking through mud.. it was strange... but I was being pushed .. pushed to move.. and as I moved I started to sink...

but my limbs kept on going.. like they were going on their own.. like a body of energy.. my head sank down.... I couldn't scream.... but.. I kept crawling ..through mud... until I changed into a demon..

What does that mean?" Ayashiko asked his sister.. The sister replied while eating dinner on the table watching her with her homework infront of her.... She said.."Ha! Puberty?"

"CHOP!!" Ash's sister Mary.. laughed.. but Ash wasn't amused.. so she kept silent..

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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 5/21/08
Rodrick patrick was in school, sleep in math class. He felt that he couldnt get the equation.. on geometry..on the rotation.. of the sphere.. the perfect shape.. so he tried to go to sleep

Rodrick Patrick" the teacher yelled out to the class.
Rodrick Patrick" again.. she yelled.. and he woke up so shocked he fell out of his seat. "Sir, if this is making you fall asleep you can go outside."

I can do that?" Rod asked while on the floor getting up,..
"yes, you may but then you'll be absent ,do you want that?" she replied.

He answered no.. and then the bell rang, and everyone rushed into the hallway.. but rod was still in class..and was being lectured.. but the more the teacher talked the lower he felt.. so he went into the hallway said.. and then went home...

he went out at the shopping plaza, and ate a the pizza shop..when he saw.. two couples fighting
Girlfriend and boyfriend.. and the boyfriend wassaying some real harsh words..
calling her hurtful things.., but he tried to ignore it. but while eating his pizza on his table.. Rod looked back, then he couldnt take it anymore.. and walked out in the direction of the ppl, and wanting to punch that guy in the face..
"HEY wat are you LOOKING AT?!" the guy hissed while ROd was walking
"Stupid B****", he looked at him, and went up close. face to face..

"stop it, Chet!" the girlfriend was in tears trying, holding the boyfriend's arms..
Rod just looked at him... frozen like he couldnt do anything
then looked down

then the guy punched him on his face.. and Rodrick was being kicked on the floor.. over and over... while Rod wasd covering his face.. until they stopped.. then the piza manager..walked in.. a took the guy, and threw him out the shop, and screamed that he'd call the police.. Rod..on his butt on the ground.. was getting up..
the pizza manager.. gave him a tissue, and asked if he'd like to call the cops.. but
Rod started to scramble and try to walk away

"hey, it's no use if you're not gonna do nothing!!", the pizza manager screamed while.. they were outside the shopping plaza.
then he walked to Rodrick..
"Rodrick just looked at the shoes while he was talking to Rod.
The boy got invited for a slice of pizza, and then was given a card.

"It said Kenny Fiore" Kickboxing, and jiu jutsu..
Rodrick," Who's this?" he asked the pizza shop manager.. the manager replied," It's me, Kenny Fiore.. if you'd like.. you can come by at fridays or the weekends, and train with us.Have a free lesson, but if you want to 5 dollars a visit.
learn, work, out whatever, just dont be the same guy I saw today.

and he thanked him, and went.. home..
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 5/24/08 , edited 7/15/08
CHAPTER THREE BIG TROUBLE.. The Mind controls the Fists

he tried to hide his face when he came home..
but his mother noticed him on the spot.
"honey wat's that?", she asked.. Rodrick tried to resist her from coming was a failed attempt/.. "Iat the mall?!! You're never going there!! ".. "what you mean I can go to the mall, it's no big deal",rod answered back.

But she replied furiously," No big deal? no bg deal? You want to call the police?.. Son, You go outsde and you're going to get hurt."

"oh hell no, you dont have to .. I'm going to my room, goodnight!", he replied, and walked up to his room, and looked the door.. His mom walked to his room, and tried to call out to him..
but all he did was go to his bed, and cover is said with a blanket.. It was only him, and his mom.. that was all they got..

The next morning.. he was wide awake.. He knew he had to go to school, and the school was close to the library,, which was close to Ash's dojo. He felt it was safe road. but he didnt want to feel embarassed so he took the longer way.. from behind the school

" ROD!!"..someone screamed out.. "ROD!!!" It was his mom.

"forgot your lunch money, son" she gave him 20 bucks, and while it al happened.. that same guy was there far away.. with his girlfriend..
..He tried not to notice him, while his mom was around.." honey, take care.." and he gave him a kiss on the cheek..
then he walked back, and took the way near the dojo..
" and Ash saw him.. and smiled.He felt she was looking at that shiner on his face..
She was but then she said," what happened to the other guy?" and smiled
..He replied to Ash in a happier mood," he looked better.. after ..hehehehe"

Ash,"you know we gave a week of free training at our dojo.. come by..ask your mom..k..I gotta go., next time.. dont let this hapen." They passed through the guy.
She walked with him past the guy that beat Rod up..and he felt much calmer, stronger''"Sure",Rod said semiconfidently..,
then the guy leered at Rod..ut Rod stared him, until either had to leave.
Guy,"Punk b*****ch"

Rod kept quiet but clenched his fist.,, and walked away
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