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Stuff [insert race here] people like/ hate
Posted 4/30/08 , edited 5/1/08

phillia wrote:

The jokes on these sites aren't racist jokes in the sense of : 'all asians know jackie chan' or 'all black people love fried chicken. Ahaha! Aren't i funny!"

Take stuff white people like; it's not actually really about white people like- it's more like 'stuff middle class slightly bourgeois people like' it pokes fun at class more than race.

Stuff black people hate is another example; it's more like 'stuff that i [the author] hate which is often related to being black or just things in general that you can probably relate to.' I personally don't feel that the comedy has malicious intent, though some just aren't funny, and some whilst being funny [to me at least] actually make serious points about racism [eg: the entries subtle racism, Derrick Ashong and viacom on stuff black people hate. Also, it was not listed in my op, but the site is also a good piece of satire]

In the end it's all really down to how serious you take it. i think they'd be less contentious if they didn't seem to single out particular races when in truth pretty much all the stereotypical likes / dislikes can be applied to any race.

ha ha ha... all asians know jackie chan, of course they do as he gone international with his woolworth adverts and black people love fried chickens, im sorry but its jerk chicken
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