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What are your Religious Beliefs?
Posted 5/21/10
Psychologically, religion for me is a burden. I prefer seeing over believing, yet keep away from terms like atheism or agnosticism. The best thing to do in life is to live and let live. We don't need to go about making life difficult for everyone else, though some people do, anyways. If you ask me about God, he seems a bit cruel, maybe even more diabolical than the Devil. All religions tell such interesting stories with their bits of wisdom to teach. Not any one faith is perfect, no matter what anyone says.
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Posted 5/21/10

Darkphoenix3450 wrote:

Some? At the time the majority. I only pointed out the actions of the majority at that time. Not the few.
Wile it might not be right to own slaves now, the bible still has in it the right way to treat your slaves, and the right for the father to sell his little girls into slavery. Unless they have removed that from the bible now. I know they revise and change the bible every few 100 to 50 years or so.

seriously, please take no offense on what i will say: you really need to know more about us (Christians). I think it is unfair to us to be persecuted by people who doesn't know us. You are an American. Would if be fair to your people if I call them, whorish, barbaric and immoral since that is what I usually see in the media?

I will take the time to introduce a little about ourselves for your own growth.

Christianity started a few years after Jesus Christ died so pretty much what you accuse us of slavery, it aint us but the jews. Before Christianity became a mainstream religion, it was an underground one. In fact, they are even considered a cult. Nero even put the blame on the Christians when he burned Rome (out of his insane idea of a golden city) to get away with it. In early days, Christians where treated like criminals to the point that Jews launched a man hunt to capture all the Christians and kill them.

With that said, it is evident that religion (pagan and Jewish) became a political thing. Rome thought Christians are just a new breed of troublemakers and the Jews took this chance to hunt Christians down. During the 4th century, Constantine the Great saw a harbinger ( Why did he assumed it was the Christian God? I don't know. However, what he saw and heard became true and he united the empire of Rome and tolerated Christianity. That is the beginning of Christianity's growth spur.

Sad to say, the rule with God is " there shall have no other God.", which Constantine failed to obey. Eventually, Rome crumbled. It was chaos. People has nowhere to go (temporal powers) but the Church was there offering protection and care. So that explains why the church has a strong influence on the people in the dark ages. When they say it is heresy, people believes. With this situation, the royal leaders of Europe approach the Vatican (the center of Christianity) believing the idea " Friend the pope, friend everyone else." So imagine the powers that the Church had back then? Kings bow down to them.

Of course, with great powers there is corruption (human factor). Some church leaders took advantage of this situation and amassed riches and power. Rome can even sanction a war (the crusades).

Christianity (catholic is their famous name) became a political entity.

Anyway, soon enough when corruption became systematic, the Catholic took advantage of the "indulgence" ( being forgiven by the priest, assuming the priest has the power to forgive sins). Indulgence were sold by the Catholics especially to the rich society. It became no money no salvation. That is where Martin Luther came in (our religion). He said that Salvation is a gift from God and by no other means shall it be sold (google Protestant Reformation for details of their points).

The point there is, good will separates with the evil side. We separated from the Jews (the one you call slavers) then we separated from the Catholics (the people you accused of witch burning).

well, that is an oversimplified narration of the Christian church history.

And no, we don't change the words of the Bible as it is considered a sin to distort the messages of God
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