Post Reply Fundamental Phrases; vocabulary; basic grammar explanation; some romantic things
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Posted 4/30/08

I don't know if you guys have Japanese fonts, I put it in kanji on the far left, then hiragana, then romaji and then the defination. I'm gearing it towards all levels this way.

頂きます=いただきます=itadakimasu= an expression of gratitude said before eating a meal
お邪魔します=おじゃまします=ojyamashimasu= said before entering sombodys house or even car. It literally means "I will bother you"
化け物=ばけもの=bakemono= monster
美人=びじん=bijin= beautiful woman
力=ちから=chikara= power

in the anime G-Gundam, part of the opening songs lyrics goes like this; 無限がある= mugen no chikara ga aru= I have infinite power

無限=むげん=mugen = infinite,
の=no= connects something your talking about to the next thing; commonly used to make things plural and show posession of something
力=ちから=chikara= power
が=ga= indicates the sentences subject
ある=aru= have

example; boku= I, boku no= my (boku is the male way to say I), Watashi is a more girly way to say I, and Ore is the most manly way.

あなた=anata = you, あなたの=anata no= your,

anata ha baka da ne! = you are stupid! in written hiragana; あなた は ばか だね , but in real Japanese writing their is no spaces between the words. It will look like this; あなたは馬鹿だね

I included the kanji for baka because it's common 馬鹿=ばか=baka= stupid

ha= are/is ha is pronounced "wa" but in written Japanese it becomes "ha",

心=こころ=kokoro= heart



ore no kokoro ha anata no
my heart is yours



ore no kokoro no soko kara aishiteru

I love you from the bottom of my heart

俺の、ore no= my (remember it's the most casual way to say I for guys)
心=こころ=kokoro= heart
底=そこsoko= bottom
心の底kokoro no soko= the bottom of my heart
から=kara= from
愛してる=あいしてる=aishiteru= I love you

anouuuu (hmmmmm), any questions?

I know I said some really romantic sentences that probably wouldn't be used too much since Japanese people don't usually ever express their love too openly but it's interesting to learn from, yea? =)

please tell me if my explanations are clear enough or if you have any questions =)


又会う日まで till we meet again =)

又=また=mata= yet
会う=あう=au= meet
日=ひ= hi= day
まで=made= until

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Posted 5/2/08
This is some good stuff, man! I'm gonna copy it into a notepad file so that I can study it more after I get home.
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Posted 5/3/08
Sugoi Phen-senpai and seigi kazuki-san are quite skillful in japanese spelling and grammar some day i'll be as good as both of you
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Posted 8/20/08
what do you think of this?


for me there is only you
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Posted 8/23/08
lmao i know some of it, cuz japanese has some chinese characters, and im chinese (duh) so i can read the chinese characters ><" ha i got some advantage~!
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