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PC Games and Internet
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Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/2/08
starcraft and age of myth... waiting for starcraft 2 to come out
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28 / M / Vancouver, Canada
Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/2/08
CS 1.6 and pretty much any RTS game.
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27 / M / Canada/SK
Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/2/08
Hmm, COD4, BF2, Halo 1,2 and Team Fortress 2 :3
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28 / 私自身の小さな世界 :D
Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/2/08
SC, and CS. any version xD
Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/4/08
but it's really only fun because I can beat most people at it...
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24 / M
Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/4/08
hmm, half life is really gud
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26 / M / Unknown
Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/10/08
Gunz online
Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/10/08
Neverwinter Nights 1&2, Counterstrike, Battle Realms, DMC3, Warcraft 3:TFT...... As for Online ones, Flyff and Ragnarok.....
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29 / M / California
Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/10/08
CS:S, GunZ, and I always have a awkward addiction to Trickster Online....
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30 / M / The Netherlands
Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/10/08
pristontale 2, AION online <- coming out early next year. ragnarok online, warcraft 3, wolfet, worldofkungfu................. forgot -.-
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31 / M / Behind you!!!
Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/11/08
RF online PH,
Audition PH
Warcraft 3 DOTA online through GG client
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27 / M
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
My own Introductions for Ran Online
Ran online Private Servers (other countries,cheaters,High Exp)
Ran Online Public Server/Ran Online Philippines (normal gameplay,normal Rates)

Ran Online Private Server Preview
actually im a GM in Private Server ^^

Private Server is the Future of Public Server and accelerated Episode
Public Servers is the Original server in other Countries,every 1 country has 1 public server (some of the countries usually Korea,Asia,Malaysia)

and every Public Server Has a company...
Becoming a GM(Game Master) well be difficulty...
in Private Server... is easy... just show your respect in Admins... you will be promoted like that

Real Introductions of Ran Online
RAN Online is a free 3D 'campus-based' MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game). The concept is based around several schools competing for control. Developed by Min Communications of Korea, RAN Online has become one of the most played MMORPGs in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. It is completely free to play and uses the virtual item asset model.


The plot revolves around four universities: Leonair, Phoenix, Sacred Gate and Mystic Peak. These universities were founded by the Sacred Financial Group. These schools were protected from outside corrupting forces by force fields. One day, Leonair's force fields failed and the entire population of the school turned into the undead overnight. Students from the three remaining schools are trained in fighting techniques for them to survive outside the safety of their schools' force fields. Outside the school, the students kill corrupted beings and students of other schools, and the plot unfolds through quests.

[edit] Character Statistics

When a character levels up he gets 100 stat points which can be distributed as the player chooses among the following stats. Once added, these points cannot be redistributed unless the player uses the "Oblivion Potion" B-E. Characters also have a natural gain of statistics as they level up. Some weapons, armor and accessories also add to statistics, but these statistics are removed once the item is unequipped.

Dex (Dexterity) - Increases evasion, and defense. Characters who focus on this stat have the fastest type of attacks with high evasion, defense and accuracy.

Pow (Power) - Increases the damage output of the character. Some prefer this stat because its skills deliver high damage, usually associated with slow but high damaging skills. Fundamental stat for all physical attackers.

Int (Intelligence/Intellect) or Spi (Spiritual) - Increases the Magical attack of the character as well as total Magic Points. Vital for strengthening magical attacks and furthering the MP pool. Most important to Qigongs but equally important to Int based types and those needing HP.

Vit (Vitality) - Increases HP pool. Most players at the higher levels raise this stat as raising other stats at this point offers little.

Stm (Stamina) - Increases SP pool. Adding points to this statistic is very rarely done by players.

While players may opt to concentrate on either DEX, INT, or POW, a player may become a hybrid, adding points to two or all three of these. This method of distribution allows players to learn skills from all statistics upon which the points are distributed, but at later levels and this option is best taken by higher level players after using the in-game item "Oblivion Potion E" to reset all stat points which are plenty at higher levels so a decent amount of stat points may be distributed to desired statistics.

[edit] Character Classes

A player can choose to be one of four character classes in the game at character creation. Each class has both male and female versions. Both character class and gender cannot be changed later in the game.

Archers are characters which hit enemies from afar. They usually have high evasion and therefore harder to hit balancing out their relatively low health. Archers also need to constantly buy arrows to be able to attack or use skills but their weapons are less expensive than other classes.

Brawlers attack enemies at melee range with fists, feet or chi energy. They have high stamina to keep up their multitude of attacks. Brawlers are taller than other character classes, but this fact does not affect game experience in anyway at all.

Shamans draw upon magic to hurt enemies or aid allies in battle. Shamans can choose to be melee and use spears, Attack type and use spells to deal damage to enemies, or Support type and aid allies. Support shamans are highly valued in parties, but like the Archer they have low health and often need protection from allies since they are usually busy repeatedly casting the healing spell "Heaven's Treatment". Attack and Support shamans both require talismans to cast spells just as Archers need arrows. Shamans have higher INT gain than other character classes for more MP for more spells

Swordsmen, like their name implies, use swords to hit enemies or summon magic. Swordsmen are the most common character type in Ran-Online PH and often, swordsmen equipment are found in player-owned shops. Swords are also relatively more expensive than other classes' equipment. INT type swordsmen are the second most sought after character in parties after the Shaman because of their "Tranquility" skill which raises defence. Swordsmen have relatively higher VIT than other classes and high armor because of the low level INT skill "Divine Shield" which can be learned later in the game by even other types of swordsmen.

[edit] Skills

Characters may learn skills by using skill scrolls at an appropriate level with the appropriate number of skill and stat points. Skill points are acquired one by one as a character levels up. Skill scrolls are acquired on quests, at shops or dropped from monsters. Skill scrolls may be red, blue, yellow and green which can only be learned by brawlers, swordsmen, archers and shamans respectively. Skills may do anything from a high-damage attack to a self-aiding buff. Skills are typically classified into DEX, INT, POW and ETC(The exception is the Shaman, their skills are classified into POW, Attack, Support and ETC wherein Attack and Support both require INT, Shamans do not have skills requiring DEX). DEX skills require the character to have a high DEX statistic, just as INT skills need INT and POW skills need POW. ETC skills do not require a high statistic but they have level requirements. Learning skills require several skill points to initially learn, but only one at a time to make it stronger. ETC skills require relatively less skill points than other skills. Skills, once learned and leveled up, cannot be unlearned and the skill points are permanently lost unless the "Oblivion Potion" set of items are used.


Playing the game is divided between finding a room to play in, selecting a song, and playing a song. There are music-halls, technically servers, on which a user can play in. Some music-halls are named after the muses in Greek mythology.

There are 3 servers in the Korean version of O2Jam: Melpomin (Melpomin), Kalliope and Kleo (Clio).

In the Malaysian version of O2Jam, there are also three servers: Kalliope, Kleo and Thalia. All three are free to use, although about half of the songs cost money to play. Each server works under song level restrictions. Before Thalia was introduced, in Kalliope, only songs level 15 and below could be played, while Kleo allowed all songs above level 13. As of 09/08/06, the Malaysian version of O2Jam has all three servers: Kalliope, which is now a level 1-13 song restriction, Thalia, a level 7-19 restriction, and Kleo, which remains the same.

In the Philippines Version, there are six "Free-2-Play Forever" servers. These are Euta, Thalo, Kalliope, Melpomin, Kleo and Philix. Euta, Kalliope, and Kleo are the most populous servers.

[edit] Rooms

After choosing a server on which to play, the player (commonly called an O2Jammer in the O2Jam community) is presented with a list of "channels," each of which allows a maximum of 100 users at a time. Upon selecting a channel, the player is presented with a list of rooms. The player can either find a room in which to play manually, press the "Short Cut" button to take the user to a random available room, or press the "Create" button to allow the player to create a room of his own. The following are the types of rooms on O2Jam:

* Single Rooms are rooms that only the creator can play in. These rooms are especially useful for practicing new or hard songs, since in a VS match the player may end up waiting awhile while the rest of the players finish the song. All of the same difficulty options and modifiers can be chosen in Single Mode. Until Level 10, playing a song in Single Mode can give a player EXP and mission credit, but after that the player must play in VS Rooms to level up further.
* VS Rooms are where the multiplayer portion of the game is played. Up to 7 other players can join a versus room, and the person in control of the room (initially the creator) selects each song, difficulty, speed modifier and ring modifiers. A minimum of two total players in the room is required to play. The winner of the match is the one with the highest score.
* Album Rooms are rooms in which one or more players can choose a song course and play against each other. Song courses are preset lists of songs with preset difficulties that are played immediately after each other without stop. The person in control of the room (initially the creator) selects each course, speed modifier and ring modifiers. Although there are many from which to choose, ranging in difficulty from very easy to very hard, this mode is not very popular. The overall score for the match is the sum of the scores for each song, and the winner is the player with the highest overall score.
* Couple Rooms are rooms where two people in the same physical room or over the internet can play against each other. Player one controls the first four notes with the keys S, D, F, and Space. Player two controls the last three notes the keys 4, 5, and 6 on the numpad. No other players are allowed to join. Cooperation is needed to successfully clear a song.
* Jam Rooms were a conceptual room type which were never successfully implemented into O2Jam. This kind of room involved each of the players playing the notes of one or more instruments in the song. Each player would hear what the other was playing, allowing them to collaboratively play the complete song, similar to how a band would play a song. However, due to connection issues, this room type was never implemented.

[edit] Selecting a song

Including all O2Jam versions, there are over 580 songs available for playing(~3.4GB in .ojn and .ojm files; over 1300 songs if you count unofficial ones, 6.9GB). While some of them come included with the game's full installer, many of them require a separate download and e-points after installation. Unfortunately, the downloads of the songs are very slow, sometimes reaching 15 minutes on a cable modem. To fix this, all of the songs are available through a BitTorrent download.

The genres that the songs are part of run the gamut from piano pieces to techno versions of classical pieces to songs that are reminiscent of J-Pop, with an unusually large number of Christmas-themed songs. Most of the songs have 3 difficulty levels of play. The harder the difficulty, the more notes, drum beats, and other sounds need to be played by the player, as opposed to automatically being played in the background. On the hardest difficulty, many songs have a limited amount of music not being played by the user.

To be able to play a song in a VS Room, the song must either be free and each player have the song downloaded, or be paid for and downloaded by each player. To play in an Album Room, all songs in the album being played must have been downloaded before the album can be played.

A small optional step while selecting the song is selecting the background that all of the players will play on. This is mostly a cosmetic change, since all this does is determine what playing field the avatars will be standing on and what font the combo counter and note quality indicator (Cool/Good/etc.) will be in, as well as determining the visual effect that displays whenever a note is hit well. By default, the background is random.

[edit] Playing a song
The song Rhyme without Reason being played on Hard difficulty
The song Rhyme without Reason being played on Hard difficulty

Horizontal bars slide down a series of seven columns, each corresponding to a key on the keyboard. Just before the notes hit the bottom of the column, the player has to hit the key corresponding to that column. Each keypress emits a note, vocal, or other instrument that creates a full-sounding song. A correct hit is also rewarded with a small 3D visual effect that is determined by the background on which the players are playing.

The grading scale used by the game is, from most accurate press to least, Cool, Good, Bad, and Miss. Consecutive Cool and Good notes add both to the player's combo and to their Jam meter. When the Jam meter fills up (if you get 25 Cools, 50 Goods, or a combination all in one streak), a large number flashes in front of the player's avatar indicating their current Jam Combo. The goal of the player is to get both a high individual note combo as well as a high Jam Combo. Because the Jam meter fills up faster when a player hits a Cool instead of a Good, two players can both get a full combo (hitting every note as a Cool or Good) but still have a different Jam Combo.

When the player gets fifteen Cools in a row, a blue pill appears in the pill meter, with a maximum of five pills. Each one of these pills will transform a Bad hit into a Cool, keeping the player's combo going.

After all of the players are done playing the song, their individual scores are ranked against each other, and all players are awarded Gems based on how well they performed.

One way players challenge themselves is by increasing or decreasing the speed at which the notes descend. The multipliers from the "base speed" are x0.5, x1, x1.5, x2, x2.5, x3, x4, x5, x6, and x8. These modifiers are often points of contention in VS Rooms, as many players try to play a song at the fastest speed possible, while others prefer to have the notes a bit slower. With many harder songs, x1 is used to increase the challenge, as the notes end up closer together, making it harder to read. Speeding up the notes does not affect the music at all, but instead spreads out the notes, making them (in non-extreme cases) easier to read in relation to each other, though the notes appear on screen for less time.

As of January 27, 2006, the x8 speed was replaced by the xR speed in the Malaysian version of O2Jam. This mode allocates a different speed to each note column when playing the song, making songs even more challenging, and difficult to memorize.

[edit] Levels

An O2Jam player can level up from level 0 up to level 100. Upon reaching level 100, the player's experience (EXP) continues to increase, but the level stays at 100. An O2Jam GM has a level of 999.

[edit] Missions

Every four levels, starting with level 4, a mission will be assigned to the O2Jam player. Unless a player completes the mission, the player's EXP and level will not increase.\

okay?? hope you read it weee
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29 / M / cavite / phil
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
ragnarok online
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29 / M / Somewhere I Belong
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
rakisha...i think the post was necessary....the copy paste.....
but i really want to learn how to play ran...seems like A LOT of fun....but i'm completely clueless.....
been play RO private server all the time and it seems i only know how to play RO...
do you have any recommendation on private servers ?
not super super crazy high rate....1 mob 100 lvl....(i know they are some private server like this)
just the right amount of challenge......
zero lag and nice community ???but most important...ZERO CORRUPTION!!
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27 / M / New Jersey
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
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