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Posted 4/30/08 , edited 5/1/08
Recently like 2 days ago. I have found out something miraculous that can save human lives one day.Andrewb_1 a person in this group (Play Station 3) had posted a thread about [email protected] Once I read it I had to do some research about it. if you guys are intrested i have most of the information at page 2 first comment http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-74973/Foldinghome.html Image
Then i started [email protected] and joinged into a existing team and found a lot about Pande Lab(my team)
Even though i had just started 2 days ago i have been on folding home most of my time.
I found out alot about my team that it is a Stanford University and its for the Departments of Chemistry and of Structural Biology I learned a lot learning from the site that I've searched up.I learned that making Protein Folds are difficult and they need a lot of help they need to find solutions to things If you want to learn more go to

(To join you have to type "1") btw
You can also download it in your computer

So why am i posting this?
I want everyone that i know or don't know should be going to [email protected] and help find cures to many diseases. Don't just help 1 team out you can start helping a whole lot. Start helping the world with a press Of a (X) or a click of a mouse.

Hope this thread change your mind about [email protected] :sweatingbullets:

Please leave some opinions around I want to be a better persuader some day
I don't mind negativity its a free country after all < corny lol
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