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Amu Hinamori, the series protagonist, is student of Seiyo Elementary. Amu is seen as a cool and stylish girl and has become popular at school but what she really is is just a shy, gentle, docile, and extremely normal girl. The main reason for this misunderstanding is the trendy punk clothing her mother buys for her. One night she wished she was not the type of person she currently was, and on the next morning, three Guardian Eggs appeared.

Dia, (true name unknown), is Amu's fourth Guardian Character, with a musical flair. She became an X egg, and then hatched as an X Character in Chapter 15, after being discovered by Utau. As Amu did not know Dia's real name, she just calls her "Dia", a shorter form of "Diamond". Amu convinces Dia that she can change, and so the 'X-mark' was lifted, sparking a Character Transformation to "Amulet Diamond". Afterward, Dia goes back into her egg to slumber until Amu shines again at chapter 26

The first to come out from Amu's Eggs, Ran is an athletic and honest character. Her hair is tied in a side pony tail. She has a pink sun visor, a red themed cheerleader outfit, and wears a heart shaped hair clip. During Character Change, Amu gains increased athletic abilities. Little wings appear at her wrists and ankles, which allows her to jump high and fly. Amu becomes "Amulet Heart" on Character Transformation with Ran. As Amulet Heart, Amu can use a baton for attack, pom-poms for defense, and increased athletic abilities. Ran appears to be the most balanced transformation, and Amu typically uses her the most of the four. Ran's catch phrase is, "Hop, Step, Jump", (Hoppu, Suteppu, Jānpu).

Miki is the Guardian Character with an artistic flair and a cool, quiet character. Her hairstyle is a short bob cut. She usually wears a pair of half-cut pants, a sky blue beret with a spade on it, and a blue themed outfit. Miki has shown an interest in both Tadase's Character, Kiseki, and Ikuto's Character, Yoru. The main ability after Character Change is an increased artistic sense but that power is recklessly abused. Amu becomes "Amulet Spade" on Character Transformation with Miki. As Amulet Spade, she seems capable of targetting multiple opponents with her paintbrush, in order to purify wide areas of X-Eggs.[4] Miki's catch phrase is, "Drew, Draw, Drawn", (Dorō, Dorū, Dorōn).

Suu is the Guardian Character skilled in baking sweets and doing house work, but is prone to silly mistakes. She has short hair with the sides grown long, curling inwards. She wears a bandanna on her head with a clover shaped hair clip and a green theme maid outfit. Amu gains an improvement in cooking during Character Change. Amu becomes "Amulet Clover" on Character Transformation with Suu. As Amulet Clover, she has the ability to clean or repair any object, even when the parts are incomplete. [5] Suu's catch phrase is "Chip, Syrup, Whip cream", (Chippu, Shiroppu, Hoīppu).

Ikuto Tsukiyomi is a high school student who is also employed with the Easter Company in order to find the Embryo. As an employee of Easter Company, Ikuto is suppose to be Amu's and the Guardians' enemy. However, he is frequently helping Amu instead. On Character Change, he grows cat ears, a cat tail, and when he enters a fight, a cat's paw extends from his hand. His Character Transformation is known as Black Lynx where he uses a claw-like glove and wears a leather 2-piece with boots. At first, Amu calls him "Nekomimi hentai cosplay otoko" ( lit. perverted cat-ears cosplay guy).

Tadase Hotori is a kind-hearted and mature boy the same age as Amu who serves as the K-Chair (King's Chair). He is "king", and he is Amu's love interest. Whenever he is called "Prince," his character changes into a violent, egotistical king who wishes to rule the world. Like Amu, he is actually a shy person and is not good at public speaker, instead he Character Changes with Kiseki. Because of this, he wished to become another, stronger character, much like Amu. His love interest, happens to be, strangely, Amulet Heart, Amu's Character Transformation with Ran, later becoming Amu herself, but not being able to say it to her.
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