Posted 4/30/08 , edited 4/30/08
What is it, and what does it mean to you?
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Posted 4/30/08
Death is when one heart or brain doesn't function or give signal of working...and when one soul leaves its body. that is death....death can happen in many ways though =].
what death means to me..something i don't fear well i guess i do because my friends and i say " i wouldn't wanna drown that would suck" lol and great conversation of what level of Hell you are going go to.
but you know maybe there isn't a hell, maybe you go by some type of judgment and your given a new life. and you be a worm or person again...Reincarnation .....then again i don't really believe in any of that stuff..death is sleep i guess you can say sleep with no dreams or never awakening ....
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Posted 5/1/08
A lot of folks are scared of the concept of death, this is pretty much universal. However, personally, I'm not scared of it because I look at it as another part of a long journey, a journey that has a mysterious ending, so to speak. As far as I'm concerned, death just allows us to go to the "next level" that needs to be seen & understood. Life does not end in death, in my opinion, it just progresses on afterwards...
Posted 5/4/08
i imagine death as...the end.
That's it.
Everything just...stops.
Perhaps we'll live again, and start over. With a new body and a new life.
Or we will just cease to exist.
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Posted 6/12/08
Death ... now there is something to inquery about the meaning of the word. Now dictionary meaning is the cease of life. But to others a release from a cursed hell. Now we can go sientifical and describe death as exactly what VixenofFailure said. But if we look into religion death isnt always an end. Think of Jesus, his death was to bring good and he was placed into a better setting from it. To me Death is but a facination, a fear of what we cannot comprehend naturally. In many ways death is bad, but in many others it brings benefits to many more, sacrafice the one to save the group. Death is simply, what you make of it.
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Posted 8/25/08
i think of Death as when we stop working, when you think about it our bodies are like machines flesh and blood are materials, where is our proof of a soul, just because we have the ability to think doesn't mean anything. When we stop working its the end, like Music_is_everything said we cease to exist.
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