Part of the Story 2... Please read and comment
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John felt the cold sweat rushing down his cheeks. No. He stopped and turned left as he passed by Sigmund Xerialis' Statue. No. Please. Not her. Up ahead of him the cloaked figure held a limp body and dropped it. It was her. No doubt about it. No. Please. The cloaked figure disappeared in the darkness which seemed to have embraced him and his blood-stained scythe. John rushed to the limp body on the ground and knelt in the pool of blood. It was her. No doubt about it. Her red hair was stained with blood and John held her tight. Her face was white and blood was dripping from her mouth. She suddenly opened her eyes. John could here sirens of the Ambulance. Her eyes were full of sadness and tears. Nevertheless, its green shade mesmerized him. She raised her bloodstained hand and put it in his face. She spoke.
"I'm so....happy." She said.
"Rose, no." John said."Don't talk they're coming to get you."
"Happy.... you're the last....person.... I..." She said as her hand fell from his face to the ground.
Happy memories with her. That was in his mind right now. Her wit. Her beauty. It was all gone. She's gone.
"Rosette!" A voice shouted.
Imaro, Rosette's fiance came rushing down to them.
"What happened?" He asked.
He looked down in horror as John closed Rosette's eyes. John stood up.
"No." Imaro said, trembling.
John gave him a blow to the right side of the face. Imaro lost his balance and sat on the pavement, a hand on his right cheek.
"IDIOT." John yelled in fury."You left HER HERE."
''She told me that she'd stay!" Imaro answered back."It was a perfect~"
"WAS." John yelled. "Damn it."
Tears flowed from his eyes. He could'nt believe it. His childhood friend is dead.

He sat on the Hospital lobby looking at the wall clock. Half Past Midnight. White and Red Roses were her favorite. She was a professional chef and nagger. A very outspoken person. Nurses came rushing out from the ER again.
"What?!" The Head Doctor yelled in surprise. "3 more?!"
A series of stretchers came passed in the lobby. 2 were covered in bloodstained blankets. 1 wasn't. It carried a familiar looking brown haired Girl. After the stretchers was Max, looking pale faced and his expression was blank.
'' What the hell happened?" John asked.
Max just looked at him blankly and he walked on.
"No way." John said."Eondrei and... Miriam and Mrs Toniko?"

(VGSA- Van Guard's Security Academy)

He couldn't believe what was going on. This isn't right. Eondrei would've killed that murderer. Eon was strong, she's a Gun wielder and a VGSA student. Max emerged from the ER. He sat next to John.
"So."Max said hoarsely."Any idea who did this?"
"Yes." John said."He killed Rosette too."
Max put his hands in his pale face.
"Eon would've died." Max said."The doctors said..."
Tears started falling from his eyes.
"She lost control of her Left arm and Legs." Max said, sobbing."She's a wreck."
Then a thought came to him. It wasn't over.
"Max, I need to go NOW!" John yelled.
Max took hold of his arm.
"Hurry." Max said, his eyes full of hatred.

Meanwhile at the Lyra Mansion:

"Charles, is this right?" Zoe asked sleepily."I need to sleep."
"...... remember the memory of my father and following his will, I will step up and become the Duchess of Xerialis." Charles read."Madam, do i have to edit every word of your speech?"
Zoe blushed. Anita laughed.
"Charles, go to bed." Zoe said.
Charles gave a slight bow and walked out of the room. His wrinkled face showed a great amount of fatigue.
"This is hard!" Zoe shouted."But I've got to do this!"
"Of course." Anita said. "You have to make an impression tomorrow."People would'nt be convinced and some would never believe that a 16 year old is ruling over Xerialis as the Duchess."
"Oh really." Zoe said as she gave a laugh."Anyway I need to prep~"
The door opened violently.
"Knock!'' Zoe Yelled."Idiots!"
A cloaked figure came in. Anita took a step back. Zoe was still sitting in her desk, scribbling.
"Zoe." Anita said, frightened."Who's that?"
Zoe looked up. She gasped. She stood up.
"Who are you?" She said hesitantly.
A Bloody Scythe appeared out of thin air. He held the scythe. He was thin, white skinned, bald and terrifying to look at. The scythe glowed.
"I am... Death" He said.

Then an explosion. Zoe was thrown back and so was Anita.
"What the hell?!" Zoe shouted."My office!"
John stood at the door panting. A clawed Fireball floating in his shoulder. He held Prominence, his Gun.
"Zoe!"He shouted."Get a~"
John fell silent. Death faced him.
"Do not interfere." Death said."If you want to live."
"Cut the crap."John said.
Death charged. With one swipe of his scythe John fell to the ground, clutching his ribs.
"Heshirod!" Zoe yelled."What is going on here?"
"You're so slow!" John Yelled."He's here to kill you!"
Zoe looked bewildered. Anita stood there, holding a Pearl. Death raised his scythe.
"Such a handsome boy." Death said. "But this is the end."
"Oh really?" John said, laughing, his hand glowing red."Helios!"
The clawed fireball struck Death at the chest. Death took a few steps back, his face full of pain.
"Solar." John said calmly.
A cannon erupted from his hand. Death swiftly hacked him. John had no chance to dodge it. A wound on the Ribs and one deep on his left shoulder. The Scythe penetrated his shoulder. John knelt as Death pressed the Scythe deeper and deeper into his body.
"I told you." Death said.
An arrow emerged from Death's Chest. It was glowing.
"What is this?" Death said, with a tone of despair.
"Unfortunately, this is IT!"John Yelled. "For EON and Rose!"
A Fireball erupted from the cannon and hit Death squarely at the chest.

Later I'll type the continuation after 12 hours..... I need to rest!

Zoe held her bow tightly. Anita looked as if she'd seen a ghost. Death fell to the ground with a large thud. The smell of burnt cloth was unavoidable and Zoe coughed. Her office was wrecked, smoke, dust, splinters, burnt books and other debris. Kori and Myrna, the black suited bodyguards were both dressed in their dressing gowns and sleeping hats which made John, who was terribly hurt and bloody, wonder. They had their Pistols raised. Death staggered. He stood up. He was hiding his wounds.
"This is not what I planned." He said weakly."But my defeat for today is invetable, unless."
A dark hole appeared on the ground.
"Shoot him!"John yelled."He's gonna escape, kill him now!"
Kori and Myrna started shooting. The loud gunshots pierced his ears. He could see Death being hit in the head, torso and Legs. But still, the hole sucked him in. He laughed.
"I will see you in due time boy, and your Duchess will not live long." He said as his head was only visible."Death is only a matter of time now."
He disappeared completely. Kori and Myrna lowered their guns. Anita gave a sigh of relief, while Zoe lowered her bow. She looked calm for a moment, then took a deep breath and:
She knelt in front of John and she touched his wounds.
"This is the 2nd time you saved my life" She said.
Her hands glowed(white). The wounds disappeared.
"You're lucky, I inherited the power of Sigmund Xerialis." Zoe said.
In a sudden turn of events, she kissed him. Anita shook her head. The Bodyguards looked away. John had to push her back.
"You're not supposed to do this."John said, blushing. "Even if...."
"Shut up." Zoe said."Before dad died you were my boyfriend...."
They looked away from each other. Both were blushing.
"But you're no Longer the spoiled PRINCESS." John said, smiling." You're the Duchess now and if we're seen doing this or even just together in public, it'll be a big conundrum."
"Yes."Zoe said."What you shouted earlier, for Eon and Rose, what was that all about?"

John could feel his ribs hurting again. It had been like this since it was hit by the Huge steel pole. He panted.
"Rose is.... gone."John said hesitantly.
Zoe gasped in horror. Anita looked like she could not believe it.
"Max's mom and Sister were killed." John continued." Eon will no longer be the same for the rest of her life."
Anita looked down at the ground. Zoe was in the verge of tears.
"I can only heal wounds...." Zoe said, wiping her eyes." Is it Death?"
"Yes." John said taking huge breaths."You were in his hitlist."
"You mean he planned to kill me and Zoe?" Anita asked.
"Bingo!" John said."That coward...."

WEEEHOOO..... tomorrow again! I need to rest guys!
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well to those who read the 1st part in the other thread. here's ur request
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sugoi sugoi~! hahas~ u MUST continue this asap XD lol~! :]]
though im still kinda confused about some things, but dont worry, i can catch up =]
i like reading fanfics XD

ne ne, u should put all of the continuations in just one forum
hahas, or join a group with those making like this and u can post them there =]

just a suggestion though XD
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ara~? if it's not a fanfic then this falls into which category 0.o
if this IS a made up story then this is considered as fanfic 0.o
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callmejenny wrote:

ara~? if it's not a fanfic then this falls into which category 0.o
if this IS a made up story then this is considered as fanfic 0.o

Well I thought Fanfic is a story you made up that u took from an Anime. Am I right? geez... Sorry i'm not familiar with these terms!
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
i would read it but wheres the first part? script writing is the best form of writing, unless you doodle and draw sheep with stick men riding them
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Threads like these don't belong on this forum, we don't have a section for Written Works. So please don't continue submitting them here.

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