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Seme or Uke?
Posted 3/11/10
Im a
Clueless Uke! XD
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Posted 3/11/10
Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/11/10

You are a Chibi Seme!
You are the seme in disguise. Able to fit in and get along with uke and seme alike, you are able to get close to the uke on their level before exerting your dominance. This makes you at times manipulative and able to fool others about your true seme nature. Because of your harmless appearance, it takes the flamboyant Flaming Uke to match wits and really bring out your aggressive side to expose you for the seme that you are. <br>
Most compatible with: Flaming Uke, Badass Uke
Least compatible with: Dramatic Uke
What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at [url=], or find merchandise [url=]here.
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Posted 4/22/10
Uke always and will be Uke
Posted 4/22/10 , edited 4/22/10
Innocent Uke lol

and for those of you that don't get what this is, a Seme is a dominant one in a homosexual relationship and an Uke is a submissive one in said relationship.

and why are girls answering this? these terms apply to guys only!
Posted 4/22/10

I almost thought it said semen, though. LOL!!
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Posted 4/23/10
lolol BL <3 uke
Posted 4/24/10
i don't know...
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