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Songs you thought were innocent
Posted 1/12/08
songs can be innocent?
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27 / USA
Posted 1/12/08

Cabbage91 wrote:

Barbie Girl... I used to love tht song when I was younger but now that I listen to it, i realized what it was sayin

Lol yeah.

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Posted 2/7/08

supermalv wrote:

gelatootz wrote:

two become one by the spice girls...
of course, i was an avid spice girl fan back then and this one song was pretty popular when i was in grade 4. my friend loved this song so much that she posted lyrics of it on her notebook cover [of course, we ddnt really understand the meaning of the lyrics being kids and all]. my teacher caught sight of it and took it from her and read it out loud in class.. emphasizing the "Come a little bit closer baby, Get it on, get it on and wanna make love to you" part. not to mention i sang this song for my grandparents on my grandma's birthday... thinking about it makes me want to go to a corner in fetal position.

dude. word.
(even though it's a bit embarassing to admit. Yes, i did listen to spice girls when i was 12 > < they were so popular in my country before damn it). Anyways yeah, as a kid, i really thought that song was those another innocent cheesy love songs.. a couple of years later i was pondering back abt that song and i was like.. ayyyyyyyyy those tricky2 bitchesss : P

hhahaha its even creepier to hear little girls singing the lyrics :S
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24 / F / Singapore
Posted 2/17/08
Kuraki Mai

1.Reach for the sky
2.chance for you
3.Tonight,I feel close to you (with <Yan-zi>)
4.SAFEST PLACE / Voice of Safest Place
5.Stay by my side a star in the night
9.think about
10.All Night
11.The ROSE ~melody in the sky~
12.Tsumetai Umi
13.Start in my life
14.Secret of my heart
15.This is your life
16.Itsuka wa Ano Sora ni
18.Can't forget your love
19. Baby Tonight ~You & Me~
20.Can't get enough ~give me your love~
21.happy days
22.Kimi to no Jikan
23.through the River
24.Ima Kimi to Koko ni
26.Cherish the day
28.Shiroi Yuki
29.Omoi no Saki ni...
30.secret roses
31.Silent love ~open my heart~
32.mi corazon
33.Loving You...
34.What are you waiting for
37.Ashita e kakeru hashi
38.Kaze no la la la
39.gonna keep on tryin'
40.Simply Wonderful
41.Time after time~hana mau machi de~
42.What I feel
43.Trying To Find My Way
44.YES or NO


1.Kimi to no Fureai
2.Tsuki ni Negai wo
3.Good-bye my Loneliness
4.Shoujo no Koro ni Modotta Mitai ni
5.Kanashii hodo Kyou wa Ame demo
7.promised you
9.Toki no Tsubasa
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24 / F / Puerto Rico
Posted 2/24/08
semi charmed life
third eye blind
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25 / F / Pacific Time ^^
Posted 2/24/08
Rihanna-Shut up and drive -_-
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Posted 2/25/08
I think Gimme More by Britney Spears...and Barbie Girl
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31 / F / US
Posted 2/25/08
"Don't Play With Your Noodle" by Gerald Anderson
it's not on crunchyroll so here's the youtube link:

the song's so lively yet hidden messages in the lyrics...
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28 / M / Sometimes here, s...
Posted 2/25/08
Timothy by The Buoys. It's about, well, cannibalism, and when i first heard it it went completely over my head
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28 / F / Hell
Posted 2/25/08
Superman by Soulja Boy....Man if people only knew.
Posted 2/25/08
LOVE XXXX - yamapi

It turned out to be a dirty sex song!
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30 / F / Philippines
Posted 2/26/08
i'll make love to you by boys 2 men
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Posted 2/26/08

lai122486 wrote:

Chirarizumu by Koyama and Shige of the JE group NewS. It's a very cute and upbeat song, but then i read the lyrics, and i found that its about sneaking a peek up girl's skirts. Very perverted, but still can't help but find it cute.

omg i so agree, when i was watching never ending wounderful story i was all "this song is really good, its all cheery and fun sounding" but once i found it with lyrics i was all "WTF , thats so not what i thought they were saying" but i still luv it.
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24 / F / United States
Posted 3/21/08
i forgot what's it call but it's by ludachris. When i was younger i used to love it but then when i was 10 years old i found out what it means.
Namie Amuro - Want me, Want me - I didn't know what the song meant until i looked up the lyrics, but i still love the song
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29 / F / over the rainbow
Posted 3/21/08
Vanilla by Gackt...that song is sabout sex I didn't know
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