Hey! Say! JUMP DVD!!! ^0^
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Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
Minna! have you seen the hey say jump dvd?
Waahhh!!!! Sugoi!!! I wanna have one too!!!!
Someday I wanna watch a hey say jump concert for real....
Just seeing the dvd makes me feel that the real thing is much more fun and exciting!!! :lol:

[*spoilers*...~? not sure since the dvds out already... ]

I must say that hsj are like airborne people considering how they spend more time hanging on the air!!! Here are some of my comments: :P

I liked it when the announcer said *the best dancer----ryosuke yamada!!!*
haha, it can be appreciated coz they speak english!

---Ultra Music Power
Nothing special but, I liked the last part where they all jumped while chanting *jump!jump!jump!* hikaru, yuto, yama-chan & mostly hs7 are all pumped up with energy but yabu-niichan is already out of breath! haha, he ended up standing while putting his hands on his waist!

---Introduction of Juniors
hmm, there's like soooo many of them!! Great dance moves!!! First time I've seen all of them with such great moves!!!

the hei sei people theme song ofcourse!

---Saving Shintaro
I'm a true blue Yama-chan fan but I must say, Ryutaro is growing up like Yama-chan! He's sooo cool wearing that expression while doing the fight scenes!!! :P

What can I say? I really love this song!!

---Yuto's Drum Solo & Bad Girl
Yuto is sooo cool doing the moonwalk! But it was really scary when he almost fell from the swing from that height! Have they ever heard the word *harness*...? But the I guess it's not needed since he needs to jump in the end anyway...
Bad girl is sooo Yuto!

---Higher and Perfume
Finally able to hear Keito's voice clearly! Love the bad boys outfit! Yama-chan's intro is really dramatic... [at least for me, with all the lights and shadow thing... ]

---Su.ri.ru and Wonderland Train
Takaki is so sexy in this number [first time I've ever seen him!]...
Wonderland Train love it!

---Star time and Tobira no Mukou
Star time is as mellow as ever but Tobira...hahaha, Chinen punched Daiki!!!

---Chinen's Solo: On the Wind
Obviously he's *hanging on the wind* but being an acrobat I think he really loved every moment of it! [especially the attention ffrom fans! ]

To summarize everything, I just have one question...does Johnny talents have hazard pay? Considering how they aren't close friends with *harness*~?
Hahaha! But a Johnny's got to do what he's got to do, it must be really great to be a Johnny, ne~!
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