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Chapter 1: Bloodlines

It happened many years ago, in the year of 1094..

One day, the Humans that inhabited the town in Romania, on the borders of Transylvania and Moldavia...were visited by a Dark Wanderer. His name remains unknown. A wicked, decrepit scientist who practiced the Dark Arts and intermingled those practices with his experiments. It was because of these experiments that he had been cast out of every town he visited. For him believed that by tapping into the immense Plasma Energies found in the blood of the living, he could find a way to cheat death. So he went from town to town, hoping one day to find the right method for achieving his goal.

after arriving on a certain town he saw someone that catches his eyes...

"Alas, finally I've found someone!" he said to himself joyfully.

after much chastising by the townsfolk, he found his perfect lab rat. A Nobleman known as Marcus, who was cruel and wanted nothing more than absolute power. With the promise of everlasting life, he invited the mad scientist to his castle to begin the process.

The castle of Lord Marcus.. No one knows exactly what happened in that castle, or what was being done to Lord Marcus. Only this is known. the Scientist created something in that Nobleman that would change history forever...

...Death was not cheated that day. Death was brought forth into this world.

It was only when the townsfolk of Romania began noticing that some of their neighbors and friends were missing, did they begin to suspect something horrible was happening up in that castle. So, armed with Pitchforks and Rakes, Shovels and Walking Staffs, the townsfolk stormed the castle.

There they discovered Marcus standing over several corpses, he was raging with terror and shouting like a devil, "power! I want nothing but absolute power!"

Citizens of Romania thought that the corpses were the missing neighbors and friends. They surrounded and subdued Marcus and took him to the town square where he was immediately hanged.

History says, that the whole time he hung there, as his life was sweeping from his body, he smiled, a nasty smile of death that no one would ever forget.

And at the moment of his death, something else came into this world at that very moment.

Wanting to purge the evil that threatens the land, the people buried
Marcus in the forsaken wasteland of Transylvania. Never looking back, and never returning.

yet, of course they never knew that the grave in which they laid Marcus was empty.

Many years have passed, and strangely enough, this wasteland of Transylvania begin to spring to life. Fields of grass, trees, and all sorts of creatures began inhabiting the land. But still, the people of Romania would not venture forth into this awakening land and they declared it cursed and forbid anyone to enter it. Those that chose to ignore this edict were more times than not, never seen again.

Rumors began spreading when people began disappearing only to be found murdered, and the only clue that it leaves are two holes that punctures the victims neck, doctors say that the victims that die was because the loss of blood, everyone was perplexed as to what was causing these deaths, for the victims were always found with no blood left in their body and two small puncture wounds at the neck. Many suspected something Evil had come out of the Cursed Land and was slowly devouring the people of Romania.

After some time, the remaining residents of romania formed a chosen band of
Crusaders called "The Black Order" who marched to the Forbidden Land. Their Mission, to stomp out any Evil they found there.

It was here, in an area called The Dark Forest that they came upon the castle of Lord Marcus.

This is where the Crusaders of Romania had their first encounter with a lustful evil that they have no idea what it is, but one thing is certain.

Marcus was the first of his Kind. The strength of Marcus was unmatched by any mortal man. He tossed these Crusaders into the stone walls of the Castle as if they were molding putty. That night, Marcus decimated half of the Citizens of Romania before they stabbed him in the head. Thinking him dead, they buried him in a hole 20 feet deep. When the last shovel of dirt was thrown on the grave, they left and never looked back.

Unfortunately for the people of Romania, it was only the beginning. For when they walked away from Marcus' grave, they began to wonder and asked themselves, for what if that the next night Marcus would return to the town along with his new army of Hungry Soldiers? That was the beginning of the first Vampire Clan known as The Council. The Council have lived in the Castle of their birth giver, and first Ancestor, Marcus...they lived in Marcus' castle for years while drinking blood of Humans one by one when the night comes.

Until, there was a man, the youngest leader of the Black Order, named Kreuz, have pledged a vow sworn to kill the evil that threatens the land.

blessed with the power of holy to fight the essence of evil, Kreuz himself marches to the dark grounds of the forest, armed with a holy Claymore that was blessed by the highest order of priests and a faith to God, Kreuz fears nothing, including fear itself.

he reaches the front gate, Marcus was excited to see the young visitor, so Marcus let the gates opened...

...The gates have opened wide, the sound of the metal is travelling unto the ground, Kreuz was alarmed, but never hesitates to go in, as he who hesitates will get killed, so he decided to go on, without looking back.

as he go in, the castle looked like a normal castle that he usually see on a common nobleman, he went off and shackled his horse, then he entered the main gate.

there was nothing but evil lurks inside, monsters and other unexplain creatures were inside that room, creatures with wings, fangs and the like...

then on a big chair appears Marcus... the essence of the room turned into a nasty smell, a scent of a dead person was lurking on the big room.

"that scent of yours, you're Marcus!" Kreuz exclaimed.

"Crush this flea who invades my castle!" Marcus shouted, while laughing on an evil tone.

Marcus' army of the dead charges on Kreuz, but Kreuz's divine powers turned every evil's esscence upon themselves, turning them into nothing... but ashes.

Countless days and nights have passed on, Kreuz fought Marcus' endless army, as time passed by, Kreuz also learned the mazes of the castle, until he learned that Marcus is hiding at the Castle Tower, the top of the castle...

Kreuz went to the castle tower, he saw Marcus sitting on his throne drinking a red wine, but perhaps it is a fresh human blood, and the final battle between Kreuz and Marcus' has begun.

Kreuz stormed inside, roaring with hatred, "Accept your fate and die, you monster! you don't belong in this world!"

Marcus' replied in a calm voice, "It was not my fault that I was once again given flesh, I was called here by mediocre humans like you, who wish to pay me tribute!"

"tribute...? tribute?!! you steal people's souls! and make them your slaves!"

Marcus was filled with anger, he threw his glass at the floor, the sound of a broken shards of glass began to echo on the whole room.

"what is a human? what is a man? what is a person? a miserable little pile of secrets! but enough talk! I'll destroy you!"

filled with unholy powers, Marcus' human body was turned into a horrible creature, a big gigantic creature with wings of a bat, his face was so demonic, resembling a devil, his strength was increased tenfold, and he has the ability to burst flames in his mouth, while Kreuz, on the other hand, fights with nothing, but with his holy sword, and his will to protect his people, he is prepared to throw away his life, no matter what the cost.

after hours and hours of fighting, Kreuz was on a disadvantage, he was wounded, and his shoulder was suffering from severe blood loss, Marcus was enjoying the fight, as he could smell the scent of Kreuz's blood, Kreuz starts to remember his past, his sole reason why he has to kill Marcus, his sole reason for vengeance...

Kreuz never lost the will to fight, and will never lost the will to defeat Marcus' thus, he charged Marcus, giving it all he has...

Marcus was filled with amusement, glaring at Kreuz and his pitiful appearance, "you dare to charge me with all your might, but you're wounded already! how could you defeat me you pathetic human!"

Kreuz charged fiercely, then his sword produces a shimmering light, a light that binds away the darkness, Marcus was surprised of what happened, then Kreuz, stabbed the holy sword on Marcus' heart, his body began to produce an incinerating heat that flows in is body, Marcus began to burn himself...

while on the edge of panic, Marcus is dying, with no hope left, he shouted, "how dare you! I will come back, don't you forget this!"

Kreuz emerged victorious, he went back to Romania severly wounded, and the people welcomes him whole-heartedly, the castle of Marcus' was vanished on the grassland, it was vanished like it was all nothing but an illusion..

the townsfolk made Kreuz a hero, and the story about Marcus remained nothing but a legend...

but Kreuz, did not know that it was not yet finished.

until one night came, Kreuz went on to the Dark Forest again to make sure that the castle has vanished, but under the full red moon, the castle of Marcus began to appear in the middle of the mist again, until several days later, Kreuz was nowhere to be found...

...Kreuz was missing.

years and years have passed, until the story became a legend, and the legend became a myth, and the truth was long forgotten... the townsfolk of Romania tend to forget of what happened, but the organization alone, The Black Order, still exists and they always think that the Castle and Marcus' still exists, and that alone is the reason why Kreuz is missing.

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Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/4/08
Very interesting story with a terrific ending...plot could've been just a little bit better, but details make up for it. Good job! keep writing =3
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^ ehhmm... it's not finished yet, it's just the prelude about it, I'll continue writing about it afterwards after I have time.
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Ah~^^ Just post it here when you write more, i'll love to read more on it!
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