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Posted 5/1/08

Just two days ago (22nd), Se7en celebrated his 5th Korean debut anniversary. To commemorate the special day, he left a very long message for all his fans! In the very long message, he let us in on a little secret. He told us not to think too much about it because it was just his "idea": He has decided what his first single will be! The promotions for the single will start around April or May, but it will not be included in his album. Sadly, it will only be heard on the radio and internet, and in clubs. However, he did mention that there will be different genres on the album, such as R&B and pop, to satisfy everyone's music taste.

Se7en also commented on the White Day party in NYC. He was very happy to hear that there was a lot of good feedback.

That was all the info he had leaked to the fans. More detailed news will be released by Mr. YG soon ^^

S.E.7.E.N L.E.T.T.E.R

Hello everyone~
It's me~
It's been a really long time...
Today marks the 5 years since I debuted~
Time has passed quickly?
I have watched my very-long-time-ago debut video
I couldn't stop laughing...(At that time I thought I performed fine~ shameful^^)
Please only keep the good memories~^^

Year after year has passed
Within these years,
I have undergone many changes...
All these changes are driven by new and refreshing vibes
And is a foundation towards new challenges for the future

For the past 5 years,
It showed Se7en's growth as a singer...
In the next 5 years
I think it's the time when it can be seen as Se7en's golden age as a singer...

Holding onto the dream "to be the best singer!",
it seems that the day that I debut is just a few days ago
And since then time has flowed to today
What I’ve brought along, is my abilities and passion that I’ve developed since Korea, Japan and Asia
And now I have come to the US.

A new departure here seems to start soon...
I'm very happy and excited...
Moreover, it feels like I'm back to 5 years ago...
Like the first time, I'll always work as hard and put up a good performance for you

I'd like to say my appreciation for everyone's 5th debut anniversary greetings...
For the unending love you're giving...
I'll return it with beautiful music...

I love you!



I just finished the 5th debut anniversary message but...
A lot of you are over anxiously waiting for it^^
I’ll just simply give you some info... (This is my own idea and don’t think too much about it ^^)

3 American songs were heard during the New York album preview party~
A lot of people liked them and I'm overwhelmed by it~
Since it’s a club, songs that are more suitable for clubs are played.
The album has R&B, pop...
It seems that everybody's tastes will be satisfied with the different genres~

Shh... This is a secret but...
I already decided what will be the first single~!
By April-May, the first single promotions will start...
(The first single is not in the album.. but it'll be heard in radios, clubs and Internet...)
The full album will probably be out by...........................................

Until here~^^
Detailed news will be out in the YG message~^^

I’ll definitely tell all of you,
Believe that I will tell all of you,
Will do so...I will, right??^^


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Previews of Se7en's NEW song's!!! ^_^

Song 1:

Song 2:

Song 3:

[Credits] kimz @

Links are fixed! ^_^
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Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
I heard that it might come out (album) in July of this year, but I'm not sure.
Posted 5/20/08
this man is too cuuute(: lol! good luck se7en
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F / seoul ^_^
Posted 5/22/08
i love his song girls
i can't wait till he makes a video
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28 / F / 2 my DESTInation
Posted 7/10/08
Hopefully, he's debuting Album will come out soon.
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35 / F
Posted 7/25/08
I love Se7en!
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29 / F / USA
Posted 7/31/08
Does anyone know when his US album is coming out? it was supposed to by July 7th but still havent seen it... waiting for it!!! they need to hurry it up! i wants it!
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28 / F / 丂oᄊ乇o刀乇'丂 ん乇ム尺イ !!
Posted 8/4/08
i was in US past 3 days there werent any newz about the album ,,,
so i'am waiting ,,,
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Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
i can't wait for him to debut in the US XD hez a hottie luv se7en. honestly i really like the song he is going to debut with but he could do better XD i can't wait to hear his album. i heard itz going to b out in september =/ so not sure...

i hope he does well in the US
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25 / F / hilliard,ohio
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
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30 / F / USA/ hometown Wes...
Posted 12/13/08
wow!!! go se7en i love ur new songs
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26 / F / Canada
Posted 12/23/08
I love his songs...I actually think he has potential and his english is actually good!
WHEN is his album coming out?!?!?! I can't wait I hope he succeeds in America.
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31 / F / NYS
Posted 1/7/09
I can't Wait til his album be out in Feb.
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F / Underneath your bed
Posted 1/17/09
I heard that he's an overeager turkey. :O

His songs are nice though.
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F / Mississauga-Canada
Posted 2/4/09
i LOVE se7en!
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