Post Reply Theres only two ways to skin a Eye and a Shield.
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Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
We all adore Eyeshield but the main question is "Do you really love it?" You may watch the show till your nose bleed or just till your mom walks in and say " Get off that damn computer " something of the sort, Its that main reason why theres only two ways to skin a Eye and a shield. I sometimes wonder to myself " Why this anime is so gay?" not as homosexual "gay" but as in "happy". For me im truly gay(happy) today. Why you ask? Heh simple really, thats because I just save a lot on my car insurance by switching to Geico, not only that I finally watch the last eps of Eyeshield today. Took me 3 years to do so but im finally done, happy me. Everyone at school called me fat face because im fat, I weight over 250pounds. my mom even said I got a huge ass strange I know I know.... That how things work here. Anyway I want to know whats everyone think about Eyeshield conducting the situationon this turn of event... meaning is your mom in the house watching you play with yourself when you watch hentai? Yikkes! that would be crazy would it?
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