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Introduce yourself
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M / Right Here
Posted 5/24/08

chinesecinderella07 wrote:

name: kat
age: 19
gender: female
location: pearl of the orient..^^
interest: reading, watching movies and lots more..^^
love life: single and loving it..^^
fav anime: fushigi yuugi, ouran high, inuyasha, detective conan and many more..^^

well welcome to the host club, my lady *bows*
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29 / F
Posted 5/25/08

Raito-San wrote:

well welcome to the host club, my lady *bows*

oooh.. thanks a lot.. i was about to ask on how this group works..
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25 / M / The World That Ne...
Posted 5/25/08
Name: KadeeshAge: 15
Gender: Male
Location: Brampton, Canada
Interests: Hosting, Drawing, Soccer, ^_^
Love Life: Single.
Fav. Anime: Rurouni Kenshin
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29 / F / over the rainbow
Posted 5/26/08
NAME: eli
GENDER: female
LOCATION: Queen city of the South, Philippines..
INTERESTS: drawing,singing,dancing,music,guitar,soccer...and of course ANIME!
LOVE LIFE: single
FAVE. ANIME: as of now, Vampire Knight...
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30 / F / Paris, Texas
Posted 5/28/08
Name: Tara but I go by my user name too
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Location: UK but am from USA
Interests: Anime, music, singing, dancing, reading, and many more! ^ ^
Love life: Single
Favorite Anime: Naruto, Sailor Moon, Ouran High School Host Club, and Angelic Layer

This pic reminds me of myself... I look so young!

I also have real pics on my profile! ^ ^ Just go there to learn more! And it's nice to meet everyone!
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F / somewhere in lala...
Posted 5/28/08
Name: Leima
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: Somewhere in earth
Interests: anime, jdramas, books
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30 / M / nevada
Posted 5/30/08
Location:between here and their
Love life:single hehe
Favorite Anime:samurai champloo
Posted 6/2/08
Name:Kat (alot of ppl have this name ,it sux -.-)
Age:haha XD
Location:Under the big blue sky
Love Life:Single XD
Intrests:music, cooking (even though i tend to burn things) XD
Favorite Anime:Bleach, and Vampire Knight
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24 / F / Up..Up.. and... A...
Posted 6/3/08
Name: Jaja (nickname)
Age: 14
Gender: Female...
Location: Philippines
Interests: Drawing, sports(kinda sporty)^^, reading, watching... haha,, does these count?? haha
Love Life: ,,TooooooT... nothings happening.. haha
Fav. Anime: Too many too mention,, and besides I don't want to settle for just one... haha

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Posted 6/4/08
hey guys,i just joined this group and heres a little something about me.

name: kokoro192/chelsie
age: 17
gender: female, i think.. *looks down* yeap, definately female.
location: crunchyroll, Malaysia
interests: watching anime, reading manga, reading books (little black dress series and harry potter among many), on-line, chatting..
love life: nothing had happened lately... it's just me.. and me.. and my pillow..

i would like to ask how this group works.. if any of the host would kindly dropme a message or just drop a comment in my GB.. thanks a lot..
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22 / F / Singapore
Posted 6/6/08
Name: Angela(real name)/Kuroko(nickname)
Age:somewhere between 12 and 13
Gender:Your guess.....
Location:Singapore,Jurong East
Interests:Watching anime,reading manga,Music,anything but definately NOT SLEEPING!
Love life:...boring....
Favourite anime:Bleach,Special A,OHSHC and many more...

And this group's kind of weird. What's happening here anyway????Just asking.
Posted 6/8/08
Name:Mystearica Tear Grants (jux call me Tear)
Age:13 turning 14
Location:somewhere i can be alone
Interests:listening to music and watching anime and drama
Love life:dont believe in love
Favourite anime:Ghost Hunt
Posted 6/8/08
Age:17 !!!
Location:in the garden taking care of my roses!!
Love Life:Single but taken^_^
Intrests: drawing and sleeping!!!
Favorite Anime: elfen lied!!

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27 / M
Posted 6/9/08
Name: Kira14
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location: Where only your voice can reach me
Love Life: Picking up the pieces
Interests: Philosophy and romance
Favorite Anime: Eureka seveN
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24 / F / watashi no heya~
Posted 6/9/08
~my name is kumiko,,,,,,,,
~pleased to meet yah all,,,,,,
~i'm a female,,,,[obviously],,,,
~my fave anime [as of the moment] is junjou romantica, not all of yah may know it,,,,
~i hope to get along with all of yah guys and gals out there,,,,,thanks,,,, ^,^

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