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Posted 5/1/08
And here is the second segment of this short series. I'll do something different with this. I'm going to break it down into different "parts". You'll see what I mean here in a minute.

Part 1: Arrival

Nearly 9:00 at night and the twins were still awake.

Richard Norrison was hoping that they would fall asleep on the way to the motel, but no such luck. They had been traveling across England for a place to stay for a few days till his wife would calm down.

He knew it was his fault that Elizabeth was like that. After all, he'd been jugging down a bit too much rum for his own good. Not only that, but they kept in arguments for a whole month. He knew that a divorce was coming and decided to take their kids, Judy and Marrie, across the country to cool off for the time being. Hopefully, they'd both forget it over time.

He'd only realize later that staying there and dealing with the problem would have been the best solution....

Richard soon parked the minivan in the lot and took out the twins and their bags.

"Papa," Judy ask curiously, "why isn't mama with us?"

Now Richard loved his children dearly. How could he not? They were both the same: Cute as the dickins. Throughout their 9 years growing up, the twins were inseparable. They had the same haircut (shoulder and black) and the same type outfits in different colors to help better distingwish between each one. Of course, there was alway one key difference between them: Eye color. While Judy had deep brown eyes, Marrie would have light blue ones. Right now, Judy has a red bow on her head and Marrie has her's ties into a pony tail.

Richard sighed and simply said, "Sweety. Your mum and I are....uh...going through some rough edges. If you would. And we just need some time away from each other till things work out."

"Bloody hell..." Marrie spoke dumbstruck at the hotel they were staying at...rather than her father.

Richard simply grunted at Marrie's profanity and took both her's and Judy's hands toward the building.

Judy then took a glance behind her and thought she saw a little girl. But when she glanced away for a moment and looked again.......she was gone.

.........ballocks she simply thought as they entered Hotel Sunshine

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Posted 5/3/08
Tis a great one and very intriguing. Sux you in at first, and just leaves you wanting to know the rest.
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Posted 5/4/08
Part 2: Debts

Running a tad behind is what Stevens had said as he and his partner, Williams, left at 8:56 for Hotel Sunshine to collect the wages a bank clerk owed them for their survices.

Both Stevens and Williams were part of a "mob-type" system within London that collected these wages whenever they feel time has come. These two had a connection toward Phil after last Friday. Phil was an honest type and one not willing to squeeze out lies despite cheating on his girlfriend. Stevens had came in to be sure that Phil was willing to offer 10,000 pounds for a favor in clearing out all other debts in exchange for this last one. He was given instructions to tell Phil to head for Hotel Sunshine on room 15b without delay at 9:00 sharp.

However, due to the bladder problems, Stevens and Williams were now falling behind after 9:13.

"Bloody hell..... you just HAD to eat all that shit at last minute," Stevens pointed out on the passenger side.

"Well if you had told me that it was NINE on the clock, then I wouldn't have felt rushed," Williams pointed out while driving.

Stevens completely dismissed the subject as they reached the sign that welcomed them to the hotel.

"Hey," Williams asked, " What happens when Phil doesn't have the money?"

"Plain and simple, Will," Stevens paused while pulling out a revolver, "we blast his fucking head in."

Williams just laughed at this and parked the car in the lot when he saw something weird, ".....the bloody hell?"


"I thought I just saw a little girl go in by herself."

Stevens looked toward the front doors. "I see her yeah, so what?"

"You're not listening," Williams claimed in a more serious tone, "there was noone else with her. No one."

Stevens shook his head on the matter. "Ah...probably just a lost lamb stopping by the nearest building looking fer her mum and dad."

"You sure?"

"How the bloody hell should I know? But that doesn't matter now. We have a job to do. Ready?"

"Yeah. Let's get this over with."

So Steven hid his revolver in his pocket and Williams hid his crowbar in his coat....just in case.

But they will soon see that neither weapon will work on an evil within the building.....

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Posted 5/4/08
^_^ damn you dude, quit leaving me in suspense!
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Posted 5/4/08
there better be a second part to this by tomorrow. XD *laughs insanely* j.k
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Posted 5/4/08
You mean third
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Posted 5/4/08
oh yeah huh...sorry....
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Posted 5/5/08
Part 3: Breakdown

Every five seconds, Philip Coswerth would look at his clock. Why are they running behind? He thought to himself.

Phil often wondered how he got himself into this. He's just a regular bank clerk who gets paid less than its worth. Although he's relatively thin and slightly balding, he manages to have himself a decent girlfriend all the same. However, the steam that was between them began to die down. And Phil decided that he would get another gal into the mix. This one wouldn't reveal her name or anything else. She just seemed like one of those whores you see in the late night programs. Not much to look at, but still worth a night or two together. It's not like she's married....

It was last Friday that he stopped his rutine all at once.

Phil was also in some financial debt with phone, car, and other type of taxes he can think of. On his way from work to pay those few small bills, he was stopped by two guys in long coats and mobster-like hats. One was a tad shorter than him, but not by much with a mustache. The other was relatively big with grey eyebrows and a slightly wrinkled face. Odds are in his 30's.
One of them spoke.

"Paying your monthly dues, ay chap?" The smaller man said.

Phil was unsure if these guys were out to get his money and kill him. So he studdered quite a bit in response.

The larger man put an arm around him and said, "Relax, chap. We just came by to offer....a deal, if you would."

"D-d-d-d-deal?" Phil studdered.

The shorter man said, "Yeah. You see, we're part of Creedy's gang, you see? We help out folks here with stuff and in return you does whatever we wants them to does. Get what I mean?" A grin came to his face.

Phil, getting the hint, says slowly, "You're going to help with my debts?"

"Sure. All you need to do is pay US a small fee and we'll handle the rest."

"Alright. How much do you need?"

"Hrrmmmm.....let's see.......ehhh....eeerrr.....hmmm....about 10,000 pounds should suffice."

"Teh-teh-teh-teh...." Phil began to crack. Ten thousand. He might as well continue paying the taxes on his own.

The larger man then squeezed his shoulder and said, " Look. You best to pay us this or not only will you have all the phone bills, but HOSPITAL ones as well. If you catch my drift, chap."

Ooooh Phil understood what that meant. He nodded shakkingly.

"Good." The shorter man said, "now here's what you need to do. Bring the 10,000 pounds next week at 9 o'clock sharp Sunshine. That's a hotel a couple of miles past eastern London. There we'll get you a reserved room at 15b. That's 15b. It'll be under 'Steven and Williams'. That be our names. Mine Steven. And his Williams," Stevens made a gester to the guy with the arm over Phil, "you are going to wait there till we arrive. Tell us what yer name is so that we will tell the hotel clerk that you will be arriving."


" 'Phil' ay? Not a bad name, Phil. Remember what we said. And we'll be seeing you next week at 9 o'clock sharp."

As soon as both men left him, Phil got to his knees with his briefcase hugged against his chest.

For the past week, he managed to only get 2/3s the required amount. He even had to smooth talk both his girlfriend and the woman he's using to cheat with. Hopefully the guys will accept this and pay only 2/3's his debts.

However, over 10 minutes past 9 o'clock and they aren't here yet. He'd been sitting on the edge of his bed the entire time he arrived waiting to get this over with.

He looked outside the room and only saw one man and his two daughters.

No wife?

He decided to wait a little while longer before giving up and leaving....


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Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/7/08
Part 4: Encounter

The room didn't look to bad Richard had to admit. And yet he could feel this disturbance to it. He shook his head toward it and entered the room with Marrie and Judy.

9:15 and they had settled in.

Judy was feeling bored so she brought out a rubber ball to play with. She offered Marrie to play, but Marrie didn't feel like it at the moment. She was worried about mum. So Judy decided to bounce it herself.

"Try not to loose it, sweety." Richard said through his newspaper he was reading.

And just like that, she did.

The ball bounced outside their room into the main hall. Judy went out to get it quickly until.... there was another girl who had grabbed it just as it was about to head downstairs.

Judy thought this was the girl she saw as they were coming in.

This girl looked about the same age as her and Marrie. She wore a bright white Sunday dress that had pink trims on the ends with a skirt that was about knee high. She also wore white stockings that went up nearly her entire leg. She wore a wide brimmed hat that was also white with a pink ribbon around the base. Her hair was dark purple and really long. It nearly ran down her entire back but only stopping at the waist. Her face had shown an adorable expression and kindness that no other could match. She did seem normal.

"........h-hello." The girl responded.

Judy simply smiled cheerfully and said, "Hi! Thanks for catching my ball."

"Oh, it was no problem," the other gave a small smile as she handed the ball over to Judy.

"Hey! Do you want to play?"



"Uuumm....." she turned away, "my mama says that I have to do what she says here. She sent me to do an arrond I don't even know what it is."

"Oh," Judy said, " can take a break, right?"

"Yeah.....yeah! I guess I could." She smiled.

"Come on in our room. We can play there and you could meet my dad and sister. My name's Judy by the way. What's yours?"


The name didn't sound that strange to Judy, so she led Omen into their room.

There, she introduced her to the others. Richard said hello without problems thinking that having a playmate would help out the mood around here. As did Marrie.

Marrie managed to be convinced to play with them so they played ball for a little bit till a knock came from the door.

Richard got up and answered it, but as soon as he opened it, he felt the open palm smack of his wife against his cheek.

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Posted 5/7/08
Part 5: Death

9:20 and Williams and Stevens still aren't here....Phil began to think they wouldn't come. He had just heard a loud slap outside his room across from the man and his kid's. He assumed that it was a pissed off spouse until he heard her voice....

"So you DID take my babies you bastard!!"

It couldn't be..... Phil opened the door and checked outside, but he didn't get far when Stevens and Williams was right there about to knock.

"Hey there, chap!" Stevens said politely, "sorry we're late. Had some damn issues with the clerk downstairs. Williams had to beat the shit out of him because we were running behind."

Now Phil was scared. These fellows aren't that merciful......


Richard simply put his hand on the spot where Elizabeth had smacked.

He tried to explain, " Look, I know what I did was wrong, but I had to be sure this wasn't going to affect our relationship. So I took the girls with me so we could cool off for a bit and would eventually return once-"

"And WHO is that?!" Elizabeth pointed to the third girl in the room, " I she another daughter you've kept from the rest of us?!"

"N-no. She's just a frie-"

"OH don't EVEN start with more lies, Richards!!!!"


Williams had just about enough of the screaming going on outside. If that hag did it again, he would give her something to scream about.

Stevens shook his head in disappointment. "Two-thirds......two FUCKING thirds was all you could manage..."

He flipped the revolver and smacke Phil in the head with the butt of it.

"LOOK! We didn't call you out and asked to help with the depts for nothing! We have our own debts to pay for Creedy! Debts that make yours seem like enough to buy a fucking gumball at the candyshop!"

Phil looked at him weakly...

"Maybe we should see what else you've been hiding, right Willia-"

Stevens turned but Williams had left the room towards the screaming woman with the crowbar in hand.


Omen simply played around with the dolls while Marrie and Judy were staring at their arguing parents.

"I am determined to take both children away from you!" Elizabeth had screamed, "so you can't deprive them from an education and sorts!"

Richard, having anger growing as well, said calmly, "I wouldn't dream of depriving them of that. It's just that you've been constantly out at night and rarely have been at home to even CARE for the two."

"My career is none of your busine-" She shouted again but was interupted by a gentleman with a crowbar.

"Excuse me ma'am," Williams said calmly, "would you and your family like to come over to our room for a moment. A matter of disturbance, I'm afraid."

A little shaken, she obladge as did everyone else.

Omen stared as they left the room. She soon followed.


Williams came back with a family group.

"I figured we could squeese a few extra pounds out of these folk here."

Stevens nodded. But Phil looked in shock at the tall, short haired woman entering the room.

The face....

"Rita?" He asked her.

Elizabeth was shocked to see one of her clients here. "Ph-ph-Phil?"

"What the bloody hell are you doing here?"


"So you LIED when you said you had no family, ay?"

Richard was confused by this, "What are you talking about?"

"Your so-called wife here has been a hooker late at night," Phil explained, "she's been getting kicks through men to get their wallets. I was a fool as well and cheated on MY girlfriend for such a deciteful bitch like her!"

Judy hugged her mom's leg closely, "Mother? Is this true?"


Omen came dragging her feet in a dazed look in her eyes.


"Alright! Enough of this shit!" Stevens proclaimed, "It's obvious you're a lying leach yourself, Phillip. So I think the best way to pay off that one-third you owe us is.....through THEIR lives."

Philip, shocked by this, begged them not to do it. That some of them were children. Williams simply smirked.

"You should have thought of that when you decided to give us only a portion of what you owed."

"" Omen had entered the room more, still acting in a trance. "Mama.....what want me to do?..."

Williams, annoyed by this, said, "What I want you to do is SHUT UP!" He pointed toward her. She screamed loudly. Williams raised the crowbar and swung it at Omen's head.

She flew backwards with blood flying as she went face down on the floor.

Williams was about to make another blow at her when there was a huge deep roar that wouldn't be that indistinctful from a whale if it were a land animal.

Except it was more ferocious and deeper than that.

At that moment, a form appeared from Omen's shadow. It was big alright. Bigger than Williams, but still small enough to fit in the room. it had huge hands, arms, legs, and body. It had relatively broad shoulders as well. Its head was relatively smooth and only had four spheres on it; two on each side of its face vertically. One would assume that it was its eyes. It had no mouth or nose either. The body was entirely black except the eyes which were a pure bright red. It stared at Williams with murderous intent.

Williams was dumbstruck with fear that before he realized it, the beast had grabbed his head with its huge hands and effortlessly crushed his head with chunks of blood, brain, and skull oozing to the ground.

The beast dropped the body and went after the others.


Stevens was in great panic at this point. He just saw this....this......."shadow thing" emerge from that poppet's shadow and killed his partner.

He soon brought out the revolver once more and shot the thing.

But the shadow beast didn't even flinch as it gave another loud roar and dashed at Stevens and forced him against the wall.
It then forced its fist through his chest, leaving a huge hole in both Stevens and the wall.


For some reason, Phil was glad that the thing killed both men. If it didn't, then he'd be dead as well as the family.

He went up to thank the creature, but instead, it grabbed his head and banged it several times against another spot in the wall.

Phil could feel life slipping away with each blow was given against the wall. He felt his skull shatter within. He could feel his heart giving in. He could feel the remaining breaths of his life slip away as his whole head was forced all the way through the wall.


Elizabeth made an attempt to leave, but tripped over the dead body of Williams.

The beast then jumped in the air toward her and crushed her with its gigantic boot-like leg.


Richard was dumbstruck with great intensity as he clutched onto his daugthers that were sobbing horribly.


Omen, got back up. Blood ran down her face.

And yet the wound that was given from the crowbar had healed completely....almost as if she was never stuck at all.

She then walked over to the family..... frowning.......her eyes were no longer soulful or cheerful.....but became slit-like...almost resembling a snake's.

She said nothing for the longest time. No one did.

Then Richard, shaking considerably, started to say, "L-l-look-" but before he could finish, he was raised into the air by nothing. He floated in the air while Omen just stared at him.

Richard felt an unknown force beginning to twist his arm backwards till it tore off. He screamed as this happened with each limb until he was only floating with the torso.

He felt his head twist as well and he ceased to be as it popped off and the torso fell near Marrie and Judy.


Judy knew somehow that Omen did this. She stared at her for a while into those purple piercing eyes.

"Why did...y-y-you do that?" Judy sobbed.

Omen was breathing heavily and got on to her knees and sobbed herself.

Marrie got up to her and said, "You killed them...." Tears went down her face.

"No..." Omen simply whispered sorrowfully...

"You killed our mother,"


"You killed our father"

"No...." Omen said louder.

Marrie couldn't stand it and shouted, "You're a monster!"


At the moment Omen screamed, Marrie felt her body being sliced in half by the shadow beast that drew out a long blade from its wrist.

Judy shouted Marrie's name and then Omen shot a sad glance at her.

Time stood still.....and Omen's lips moved but no words came out.....and yet Judy knew what she said.....

I'm sorry

Then Judy's head bursted all over the wall and floor.


Omen just sat there, sobbing to herself with all the dead bodies around her.

The word monster kept on echoing in her mind.

Then, the shadow beast offered Omen its hand...... she took it.

"Thank you, Mr. Cuddles," she spoke to it, "I.....I think we should head home...o-okay?"

The beast gave a deep echoing moan of agreement and carried Omen in its arms.

She fell asleep the whole time as they left into the darkness after one last movement at the hotel.......


By 10:00 pm, Hotel Sunshine had been burnt to the ground.


Woo~ Finally finished with this segment. Omen was originally inspired by Katsuga from School Days (which sucked. Dont bother watching it) then I changed my mind and made her based on any average little girl of nine or so. The relationship between her and the shadow beast was inspired by Bioshock's Little Sister and Big Daddy pairing (if you never played Bioshock, DO SO BEFORE YOU DIE!!!!)
I'll be taking a break from this story and get to work on the Gundam Rebirth project soon.
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Posted 5/12/08
I still need to finish Bioshock.... but I don't know on what to do next...anime? Bioshock? anime? Bioshock? >__> cha...... *gives two thumbs up* IT WAS EPIIIIIIIIIIC~ See, if this was published in a book, i'd totally buy it. *nods head*
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