RNDM • Hikaru x Haruhi?!
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Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/2/08
Do you support them? Do you love them? Do you like Haruhi to be with Hikaru in the end? Do you like Ouran NOT TO END!? Well if you do, let's all hope for the best of them! well wtf is with that sentence.. hahahaha! anyway, Hikaru and Haruhi's from the anime Ouran High School Host Club, or simply just look at my avatar..give me opinions. for now, I do accept people's opinion. As you can see, I'm really obsessed with both of them. ugh, can't help it. :3 so, yup.. Hikaharu forever. XD LOL!

TamaHaru fans, I'm sorry. XD

P.S. ARE YOU ONE? join my group! LOL~!
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