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Tell us your greatest experiences...... ENJOY!!
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The Greatest experience of my life??

I was three years old (i know its hard to remember at 3 but its my most favoured memory ever). I was in the hospital waiting room and all i could remember is my dad lifting me up and rushing me all happened so fast and i cant remember much but my dad finally stoped and went over to a window.It was the first time i saw my baby brother. He was in one of those baby beds...i donno how long it was later but i finally got to meet him in dad was holding me and my mum was holding my brother in her hospital bed...Seriously was the best thing that ever happened to 21 now and me and my brother are the best of friends...i couldnt be happier with the turn out.
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wow that's a great experience... i love it
my sister is also my best friend
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XD not much Happy stories to tell

Life is not filled with happy ending even though you end up having a happy ending its not forever!

Its just the pessimistic side of me typing

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hII~~~ wooww~~~~that soo great~~i dnt have ani brother or sister>>>>am very envouse of uu~~~kingmole~~~hehe...but my best friend is my moomm~~~soo ~~i guess that make up everything~~hehe

neh~~it good to be optimisstic and pessimistic~~heheh///like i love back and white~~hehe just talk randomly now...but i have some good memory but they may appear verY walking at midnight...random memory like meeting someone unexpectedly~~~umm....yeahh~~~
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my friend recently gave me a challenge
saying write a story about a happy bunny
I'm like
anyone has an idea?
sorry if this is off topic though
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