What do u think of Islam?
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Posted 11/12/07 , edited 11/12/07
Just answer the question.
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Posted 11/12/07
islam is jsut like any other religion.
except the extremists.now THEYRE crazy!!
basically noone gives a damn about what religion you follow unless ur
1)forcing, literally FORCING other people to take it up
2)doing stupid crazy harmful terroristy, suicide bombery things.
then those freakazoos suck.
but not the regular muslims.just the crazy zealots
same goes for any other religion
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Posted 11/12/07
Yeah, um we had an Islam thread before. It did not work out. Insults everywhere, everyone wanted it to be locked. You can try another forum, sadly I guarantee you ius not going to work here Hope you get the point.

There is a general religion thread btw

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