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The year is 2020, and the hidden organization known as the Divine Order came up from under ground and declared war on all seven continents. One group virsus the world. And the odds of the seven continents winning this war, one out of a million.
The Divine Order used technology that no human can create, but it seems scientists of this group managed to create such power.
Machines called S.S. or Second Skins destroyed heavey artillery with ease.
Artillery that could out beat anything.
Battle armor of a substaince that is unknown to mordern scientists.
Air crafts that break the sound barrier and with such power, that it will only take five of these jets to take out a battle ship.
North America, Asia, Russia and Japan stoo dstrong as South America, Africa, The Middle East, and Europe began to fall apart. The remaining continents thought of many tactics to over throw the awsome power of this Divine Order, but the leader Kyoushiro found a way to beat every thing the continents had that they can throw at him.
Japan thought of one way to beat the main forces and possibly defeat the Divine Order, and Kyoushiro. Allow the main fleet to take control of Japan, but destroy Japan in the process.
Japan secretly began construction of a ocean city called "Manifest City". And during construction, Japan planted D.D.D's or Dooms Day Detonaters throughout Japan.
Succeeding in surrending to Kyoushiro, the Japanese retreated to waiting ships, but many had to stay behind to keep Kyoushiro and his main fleet in Japan.
After the survivors made it off Japan, the detonaters were set to go off in five minutes. So to enjoy the final moments, the remaining Japanese on Japan threw insults, and siad that he was so clueless of what was about to happen.
And then, two thirds of Japan, were turned into a toxic wasteland. The main fleet, and Kyoushiro were defeated.
At the time Kyoushiro was defeated, operation "Suicide went into action". Every soilder, every mecha, and every jet killed themselves at their current location. The Divine Order was wipped off the earth with one final shot to the head.
But, scientists were not to be part of the operation, because Kyoushiro remained, alive, but barley. Body scattered and blown apart, he was reconstructed with his heart, lungs, brain, and left eye. He kne wof this Manifest city, and he wanted revenge. He wanted to reclaim his right as ruler of earth, starting with the war survivers that have begun a life on this new city. Americans, Japanese, suriviers of all sorts needed a place to live, and Kyoushiro needed a place to take over.

Now in the year 2027, Manifest City remains as a glorious location of recreation. Yet the one who controls it, is teh recreated Kyoushiro. acting as a savior, a one who gives to those in need. But there are those who know his true self.
The resistence secretly fights back but as they do this, Kyoushiro gets the commeners to think that they are evil, that they are the Divine Order.
A war is now in action. The new order, which is now "The Governemnt of Order" versus the "Resistence". And sence there is a war going on, the resistance summons four people to fight back. The C.S.R. or Counter Strike Resistence battles under cover. Fighting in secret, and living two lives. The life as a commener, and the life of a fighter for the resistence.
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I must admit the prologue is good I hope I can read more
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Chapter 1:
Manifest city shined in the sunlight. The massive highway maze was alive with busy cars, and trucks and highway patrol tanks.
This highway was the roof to the under city or underworld as people call. A city of the homeless and those who hate the sun.
The highways had a special type of steel rail. Two tracks that were built for the highway patrol tanks ball like wheels.
These tanks were armed with three blasters, and reached twelve feet high. A glass spere as teh cockpit and legs like a bird. These were the perfect machines to mantain order on the highways. But today was no normal patrol day.
"What do you Micheal is using all thsi stuff for?"
"I heard he was building some sort of S.S. for the C.S.R."
"Geez, why build something for those kids?"
"Hey, they may be young, but they are very skilled in what they do."
Two members of the resistence were driving a cargo truck along the top highway full of machinery.
"I just have a feeling that those damn tanks will come by and ask us if they can see what's in the back."
"Shut up. we are not gonna get pulled over or shot at as long was we just act normal."
"Alright. But I also heard that theres been some fights up here. Criminals useing those old S.S.'s to rob cargo trucks."
As the two continued their drive along the busy highway, two patrol tanks came up on the rails at a normal speed though about five miles faster.
"Um, Kim, theres two patrol tanks next to us."
"Shut, up!"
Without warning, the two patrol tanks began to speed up as if there was something up ahead that needed to be checked on.
"Oh thank god." The passenger released a breath of releaf.
The tanks slowed down up ahead and the blasters turned as if aiming at the truck up ahead.
"Oh shit." Kim realised what was going on. Turning the wheel into another lane, the two tanks opened fire upon a large cargo truck. The back was blown apart and the debree slid against the road and cars dodged the steel remains while some ran over the fragments and starting chain recations of crashes.
"Oh my god."
"Look." The passenger pointed at the shot truck that kept going. Within it was a prototype Crawler.
"Oh god, that's not a good thing to see." Kim shook her head and began to speed up.
The crawler was a large tank like machine with four spider like legs.
Inside was a waiting pilot, and the pilot inside the crawler turned it on and had the machien rise up and aim at the patrol tanks.
"You want our cargo? Then yoyu can have it." The driver of the truck yeiled to himself.
The crawler opened fire with its one large barrel. Attacking the left one first, it missed twice, but made a direct hit on the right leg.
The one greatest weakness to these patrol tanks is that their legs are weak from heavey fire.
The leg was blown aparta nd the tank began to tip and fall off the rail and into the on comeing traffic lane.
"Who are they? Resistence or criminals?"
"Our commander said nothing about a crawler tank. So yeah, those are criminals."
"I can see that. But we're in the middle of gun fire."
The crawlers canon slowly turned to the patrol tank, but before it could turn, the patrol tank aimed at the tires and blew them out. The sudden shift made the crawler tip over and fall over.
Luckily the resistence drivers were up ahead from speeding up earlier. The crawler rolled and was under fire of the patrol tank.
The truck fishtailed and rolled over making a chain reaction of crashes and the crawler began to fall apart and blow apart.
The passenger looked back out the window and grabbe dhis chest, "Thank god we got past that."
"Yeah, and thank god the cargo was unharmed."
"You see, I had feeling somthing bad would happen."
"Yea, but not to us."
"Um, oh, you're right."
"Now then, lets get back and get this stuff to Micheal. Im sure he is going insane for not having this stuff."
"You know what, did he find a piolt for this S.S.?"
"Im sure it's one of those kids."
"God, he should let one of the trained pilots piolet that damn thing."
"Well I heard that one of them had training in america of how to control these things.""Yea, well if it's that guy, then he better not screw up with it."
Behind them was nothing but a opposite lane of normal traffic and a blocked lane of firey debree.
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Chapter 2:
"How much longer do we have to wait!?"
"Calm down Tyson. The'll be here soon, right Micheal?"
"I hope so. I so wish to finish this master piece of mine."
"I must say Micheal, it is lookin good, but do you think it will stand against the Orders S.S.'s?"
"Im sure it will. Im not worried about those basic S.S.'s, Im worried about that one you got data on Simon."
"You mean the 666 Unit?"
"Yes. If I read teh data correctly, its energy core is off the charts."
Micheal, Simon, Tyson, and Toeky hung out in the garage were Micheal worked on resistence weapons and technology.
Tyson was chosen to pilot the first S.S. of the resistence.
"So what is this thing armed with anyways?" asked Tyson.
Simon, Tyson and Tokey looked up at the large fifteen feet tall S.S.
"Oh, not much. An energy blade, two dual plasma wrist cannons, a grapple claw, and a hidden plasma hand gun, built for this unit."
Micheal smiled proudly as he placed both hands on the leg of the S.S.
"Um, excuse me. I brought some tea if you guys were thirsty."
Tokey looked over his shoulder to see Hina, the last member of the C.S.R.
"Oh, thanks Hina."
Tokey appraoched Hina an dtook a cup and takeing a sip.
"I have to say, you make really good tea Hina."
Tyson, Simon and Micheal also ttok a glass. Takeing a sip and admiring how it tasted.
"Tokey's right. It is good." Tyson grinded as Simon and Micheal sighed from seeing Tyson gulp down the tea.

-------In Progress--------
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