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Which character do you like,and why?
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Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
I like caim best cause of his hero - anti hero personality. He is the most unuiqe main character i have ever known.
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Nowe- hes sweet and i lov the way he cares for ppl, also cute lol, hes a reasonable kind of person

Urick - i lov his wit and his smile is just so cute lol, i lov evrythin bout his personality and his clothes are awesome XD

Yaha - i lov the girly male types XD, i find them interesting and i like him coz hes not rlly a bad character , jus tht he went powermad, like urick says XD
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Legna, obviously. My username explains it all.

And the secondly, Manah. She seems quite feminine and mature to me.
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