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I just got into this new Manga called Barihaken about a Closet-Otaku fan boy lover who only seems to get the 2d girls and not 3d. But due to an incident with a gang leader and his pretty girl otaku action figure he somehow beats the crap out of him for breaking it and becomes the new gang leader. Now he pretty much has to keep his secret of his closet-Otaku to himself now while being hailed as a leader by these gang guys.

It might sound pretty stupid but it's a very enjoyable manga to get started on lots of comedy/action/and a bit of drama on the side to. Don't really know if it's a Hentai or ecchi but it seems clean to me so go ahead a check it out. I have chapter 1 and 2 for a sneak peek on what it looks like. chapter 1 - chapter 2

If this is a duplicate please delete because I could not find anything close to this.
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Cool looks old though
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somewhere in this...
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i like this manga too except there are no recent updates on it and it's still on ch. 2... i hope that there could be scanlations and translations of the manga... the manga is already complete in japan(4 volumes)... mix of gang and otaku...
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Delinquent is such a lame word for someone that doesn't conform like all good little Japanese teenagers should.

I'm sick of seeing that hairstyle too.
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