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Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/27/08

Katsunichi wrote:


Jutsu Kind: Fire Style Jutsu
Main: Ookami Katon no Jutsu
Description: Summons fire in the shape of a very large wolf (kind of like the water dragon jutsu)

Sub: Fire Rain Jutsu
Description: Advanced version of Black Rain Jutsu. This calls upon Hell Fire to fall from the Heavens (contradicting, huh?)

Sub: Fire Chakra Seal
Description: No fire, but only shinobi of the Konohagakure can use this technique. This seals an oppenents chakra, and cannot be broken. Only the caster of the seal can break it.

Did I do this right?
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yeth...i'm awesome, lol, *victory pose*
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Main: Kuro Enkou Misairu
Description: The user can shoot out black flame missiles and it will continue to burn until is it cancelled.

Sub: Kuro Enkou Konbo
Description: The user can go up to an enemy and freeze them by leaving a black flame on them so you can do black flame combo attacks for 30 seconds.

Sub: Kuro Enkou
Description: It surrounds the body with black flames to use it as defence and move it around to attack.
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Kirin Ryuu No Jutsu (Lightning Dragon Technique)
Description: A dragon of lightning comes down from the sky like a thunderstorm, I can control with my mind but to make it go fast I can use my hands too!

Katon: Baaningu Aato Futsuka Daaku Shizuno No Jutsu (Fire Element: Flaming Art of Dark Lightning)
Description: Dark lightning surrounded by flames comes down from the sky. First, it paralyze anything that it touches. Then the person will slowly burn by dark red flames!

Katon: Ryuujin Jakka No Jutsu (Fire Element Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust)
Description: A devastating flame that rushes at the opponent and follows him wherever he goes for 1 hour. If the flame is closer than 50 meters from the target the flames will double their heat and speed. The flames will continue to burn for an hour to two hours depending on the weather. This jutsu is great for tracking rogue ninja's capturing/killing them!


Roshugenkai Soumi (Disintegrating Body)
Description: One of the three eye techniques of the Roukugan. In this illusion the target will appear in a pure black space. Then, a ring of flames will appear around the enemy. The ring of flames will then close in on the enemy and burn him to a crisp looking as if he disintgrated. In reality though, The user will be in shock for 24 hours. This will then allow the user to kill him painfully without the enemy fighting back.

Akumu (Nightmare)
Description: One of the three eye techniques of the Roukugan. This eye technique will bring your enemy to a black space where he will be tied up to a chair. The user then cuts off one part of his body at a time. Each body part that he loses will make him remember his worst fears, causing him grief, suffering, and pain. The images that he sees can be of things from the past or things of the future like him dying.

Heru Akuma (Hell's Demons)
Description: One of the three eye techniques of the Roukugan. All the demons from hell come out of the ground and attack the target. When the enemy sees them he goes insane and tries to kill himself, but no matter how hard he tries he can't. The demons will circle around him slowly striking fear into his heart then they will attack him. Every bit of damage is more painful then the last, however the enemy cannot die while in the genjutsu.

Gohatto Aato Boukon Shinsei (Forbidden Art Soul Rebirth)
Description: At no cost, the user can bring himself or other people back from the dead. The user can only use this technique once a day, but the person he brings back from the dead will come back stronger than ever before. The user can only be reborn if he uses this technique before his death. However, if someone stops his hand seals then he can not be reborn.

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