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Hello, newbies!
Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/16/08
For more boring info on this group, click on:

since you're new here, intoduce yourself!
I'll start first.
I'll do it in the poetry form.

Sibling of Celine, 7.
Lover of Science, ES21, Technology and Stef.
Dislikes Dark, schoolwork, exams AND CHILLI.


Want a jersey like that? PM me.

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30 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/4/08
hello to all,
Im Jet,20 yrs of age
Im a addict fan of Eyeshield21 form the first time i watch it..
Im new here hope others help me on the things going around hir so i will not be in Lost!!
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30 / M / Over the Rainbow
Posted 5/4/08
Name: Gi
Age: between 1-20
Doesen't like to put "lol" (laugh out loud) unless it is truly funny
No permanent mood
Likes: Sleeping... Waking
Dislikes: eating nato... and seeing my own blood
I get exited when I see blood of others...
I was once been pierced by a concrete nail in my middle finger fingernail and it hurts...
that's all...
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30 / F
Posted 5/5/08
Ok, my turn =)

Name: Stephanie, but Ani is ok.
Age: freshy 21 :D
Living in Germany.
Oldest one of 7 siblings.
Likes: Anime, Manga, Drawing, Cosplay *_*
Dislikes: .. I have to hink about it a bit XD
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31 / F / Right beside you..
Posted 5/8/08
ok ill try this one..

You guys can call me June..
Im a huge Harry Potter fan, so my username is ginnyweasley
I like reading (books, mangas) and listening to music
I cant think of something i hate in particular
I'm from the Philippines and i have 3 brothers and a sister
I love a lot of animes but one of my top favorites is ES21
Posted 5/9/08
my named gareth robinson
im 17
i like talkin alot and playing games
Posted 5/9/08
I've decided to make this forum a blogging sort or page too. So..

09 May 2008:
Today was my last paper, monday is Art paper (my last paper but whatever..)
and i can use the computer!!! :excl:

Anyone just finished the exams, like me?
Hell's over.
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26 / F / NiRvAnA...
Posted 5/9/08
username: soulnirvana
name: Shiela
age: 16
Likes: books, anime, internet, manga, sleeping, eating
Dislikes: people who don't give a damn about other people's feelings

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31 / M / Inisde your imagi...
Posted 5/9/08
Name : Xian (You can call me Xi)
Age : 21
Location : Philippines
Likes : Tinkering in my computer, almost all anime's, playing with my pet rabbit...
Dislikes : Wannabe's

Im really quite friendly unless provoked, you dont want to be near me when I get pissed off...
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23 / F / elizabth,NJ
Posted 5/9/08
name:*******(sorry this information is top secret )
age:currently 13
likes:readin(mostly mangas and harry potter stuff),anime,manga,the INTERNET,i talk a lot sometimes ,i LOVE drawing and my best friend!
hates:having to answer questions in complete sentances(such a drag),wannabees,bullies,copycats,selfish people who think there to good for anybody else ,talking(i gets me in truble becouse once i get fired up i tend to tell the TRUTH,but i dont know why thats so bad ),being woken up early(my lil sis afraid to get near me in the mornings..hehe.. )and last of all TESTS!!
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26 / F / ???
Posted 5/9/08
Name: kay
Age: 17
Living in texas
Likes: anime, internet, manga, sleeping, eating, my cats, dogs
Dislikes: being woken up early and mean ppl
Posted 5/10/08
hello people!
thanks for introducing :)

remember there's another forum post!
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27 / M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 5/10/08
Code name: AsuraKira
Real name: --------------
Age: 18 going to 19
Likes: Manga,anime and design
dislike: stress,liar
Location: Sinagpore

hehe, that all abt me ^^
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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/17/08

my name is cherie lou
age: 14
likes: anything that makes me happy(like mangas and anime to be specific; bleach, vampire knight, host club, skip beat, eyeshiled 21)
LOcation: Philippines
Posted 5/17/08
I like Vampire Knight too. Have you watched episode 4, 5 and 6 alrd?
Its finally available!
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