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Present tensePolite verbs end in -Masu, with the exception of some. I will also talk about casual present tense verbs and how they end in -ru usually.

kanji hiragana romaji defintion
食べます、たべます tabemasu= to eat
食べる、 たべる  taberu to eat (casual way with friends etc)
します shimasu= to do
する   suru to do (casual)
飲みます のみます nomimasu= to drink
飲む のむ(のんでる)nomu(nonderu) to drink

ok, lets start with these 3

今寿司を食べます = いますしをたべます= ima sushi wo tabemasu= I'm eating sushi now
今=いま=ima= now
を=wo (pronounced o) action of what you are doing to the subject
食べます=tabemasu= to eat

since it ends in masu it is the polite way to say that you are eating sushi now. Note; the polite way is usually only said with people that are considered your superiors in society. Japanese society has a polite way of saying things to people who are higher up than you on the food chain or just talk this way if you want to sound polite, a casual way for with your family and friends and a super polite way, but I'm just going to talk about these two forms because they are good enough.

今寿司を食べる=いますしをたべる=ima sushi wo taberu = I'm eating sushi now (casual way; said with friends+ family)

今何をしていますか? =ima nani wo shiteimasu ka= what are you doing now (polite way)

今=いま= ima= now
何=なに= nani= what
しています=shiteimasu = doing, (from shimasu)
か=ka= ? <--question mark, it is the polite way to basically make questions after using です=desu
です=desu= to be
ステファンです=I am Stephen

今何してる=ima nani shiteru= what are you doing? (casual way)


男A:今何してる?= いまなにしてる=ima nani shiteru = what are you doing now?
男B:何も = なにも=nanimo = nothing
男B:あなたは? = anata ha= how about you?
男A:俺は寿司を食べる= Ore ha sushi wo taberu = I am eating sushi
男B:羨ましい!寿司を食べたい!=Urayamashii! Sushi wo tabetai= I'm envious/jealous! I want to eat sushi!
男A:はは、今何してる?=haha, ima nani shiteru? = haha, what are you doing now?
男B:実際は今お茶を飲んでる=jissai ha ima ocha wo nonderu = Actually, I'm drinking tea now,
男A:そっか、じゃ行かなきゃ=sokka, jya ikanakya = I see, well I gotta go
男B:じゃまたね   = jya mata ne = see ya later , take care
男A:又明日= またあした mata ashita             see ya tommorow

男=おとこ=otoko= Guy
実際(は)=じっさい(は)=jissai (ha)= actually; in fact..
お茶=おちゃ= ocha= tea
そっか=sokka= I see
じゃ= jya= well...
羨ましい=うらやましい= urayamashii= envious
食べたい=たべたい=tabetai= (I) want to eat (note you don't need to always say I in Japanese since it's a vague langauges, lol)

now, this brings us to a interesting point, the -tai form of verbs...when you want to do an actually you need this

飲みたい=のみたい= nomitai= I want to drink (casual)
食べたい=たべたい= tabetai= I want to eat (casual)
寝たい=ねたい= netai= I want to sleep (casual)

if you want formal just add です at the end

酒を飲みたい=さけをのみたい=sake wo nomitai= I want to drink sake

sake= alcohol

酔っ払いたい=よっぱらいたい=yopparaitai =I want to get drunk
よっぱらちゃった= yopparachatta= I'm drunk

糞!=くそ!=kuso! = $hit, damn!

寝たくない=ねたくない=netakunai I don't want to sleep

netai= I want to sleep, to make it negative we drop the "i" so it's neta, then add -ku nai

食べたくない=たべたくない=tabetakunai= I don't want to eat
飲みたくない=のみたくない=nomitakunai= I don't want to drink

I'm going to include everything in the next dialogue, and here is some vocab I will use in the next dialogue
友達=ともだち=tomodachi= friend
と=to= with
だけど=dakedo= but
だから=dakara= therefore; so
話します=はなします=hanashimasu= to talk
明日=あした=ashita= tommorow
試験=しけん=shiken= test
ある=aru= to have
朝早く=あさはやく=asahayaku =early in the morning
起きなきゃ=おきなきゃ=okinakya= I gotta wake up

ok, let me combine some things and lets see how well you can do; (select the reading section your more comfortable with; kanji, hiragana, or romaji) (feel free to glance between sections to learn more)



netakunai, tomodachi to hanashitai, dakedo ashita shiken ga aru, kuso! asahayaku okinakya, kuso!!

I don't want to sleep。 I want to talk with my friend but I have an exam tommorow。I have to wake up early in the morning, $hit!

If your going to learn anything, learn these 10 words because they are really common

だけど=dakedo= but
だから= dakara= so; therefore
糞=くそ= kuso= $hit; damn
羨ましい=うらやましい=urayamashii= envious
実際は=じっさいは=jissai ha= The truth is; actually;
退屈=たいくつ=taikutsu= bored
むかつく=mukatsuku= pissed off
眠い=ねむい=nemui = sleepy
何処=どこ=doko= where?
わかった!=wakatta= understood!; gotcha!

if your going to learn any verbs, choose these 10

話します=はなします=hanashimasu = to talk
食べます=たべます= tabemasu= to eat
飲みます=のみます= nomimasu= to drink
行きます=いきます= ikimasu= to go
来ます=きます= kimasu= to come
殺します=ころします= koroshimasu= to kill
死にます=しにます= shinimasu= to die
眠ます=ねます=nemasu= to sleep
ある= aru= to have (inanimate objects)
いる= iru= to have (animate objects)

hmm, please let me know if I forgot to put any reading information for some kanji or for hiragana. If you want to learn hiragana I suggest using these websites;

the following teaches you the entire Japanese alphabet, writing hiragana, pronounciation of the sounds

the following helps you increase your speed of recognition by making you match them up

hmm, I'm pretty sleepy so it's possible I made 1 or 2 mistakes at most, but if you see something you think is a mistake check with me and I'll change it,

有難う!ありがとう!arigatou! thanks!!


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ohhh every day ' learn many new things arigatou Phen senpai
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Im half Japanese and im still learning from here arigatou Phen Senpai!!!!! ^_^
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