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Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
Like I have said we have a new game here at HINP. To make it more lively! The winner will earn the brand new badge of our group or become a mod ( + member of the month)

I have two things for u , what u have to do.

1. Who is the best anime love couple ever. You have to tell the cause, why u think they are the best and no one can beat them. ( U can underline it with a wallpaper or pics)

2. What is your fav anime! Like at the first point u have to tell us why do u think it is the best.U also can start a discuss with other members and try to convince them!

Much fun and luck!
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#1 I think the cutest anime couple is NARUHINA!!!!! Beacuse it makes me think of a Simple Love Story "Friends first then Love" And its kinda more better then Sakura....

#2 I think my Fave Anime is Death Note beacause its so scary and funny at the same time! I mean if you found a Note Book Where u just write down a person;s name and they die how would you feel???
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Posted 6/15/08 , edited 6/15/08
I would feel like soo great xD noone could stop me, and my perversity would rose!
anyway, i wanted to vote at start for Nruto& Hinata (watching naruto from the very start again xD) but then i remembered one hell of a freaked out anime: Tokimeki Memorial... i mean, how much can one do to get to his first love? (and how much can it take to even get her number xD)
Amamiya and Aoba xD

and my favorite anime is FLCL! (when you meet with such a vespa woman and compressed idiocy filling out small 6-episodes anime, you have to love it^^)

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Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08
fav anime couple - Nanami Takahashi x Motoharu Yano
because they are real-like couple.They cryed they smiled and they went throught never ending problems together(accept for one time).They can make you cry, you can feel their feelings and guess what i will do if i d be in that kind of situation ^^,lets just say that they are strong in hearth.Not only that but they go throught so hard experience that i think normal couple will gave up. .so thats why i love and admire them.

my fav anime is Gakuen alice. because its sweet and frendly-like story.its my anime living dream.have some powers.went to school with all kinds of places,have magic life in academy.That the dream of mine that not gonna happen.and in this anime is its like im watching my dream.Ando besides natsume is my fav kind of him.kyaaa
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wait its like watching your dream? cool
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