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Chapt 97 short summ !!!xD
Posted 5/3/08
here is the real conversations that went on in Chapter 97.

Gakuen Alice chapter 97 Page 1 The secret of this beauty is the strength of
her heart seen in those eyes… Page 2 Mikan: Natsume… Page 3 Mikan’s
thought: Natsume is… Luna: How dare you………... Mikan’s thought: Why
is he here… Elementary school principal: To think that I even gave you a
mission so that I can send you outside Elementary school principal: It looks
like you really love being the knight in shining armor of this woman Page 4
Elementary School Principal: What a fooslish child………… Elementary
School Principal: Well I did know/ that you would do something just to be able
to go here Elementary School Principal: But I didn’t expect that you were
this stupid though Persona: …So/ What do you plan to do? Persona: Nobara
Mikan: Natsume… Elementary School Principal:: By standing there/ what can
you do Page 5 Elementary School Principal: Well no matter how you guys resist
you guys are as good as birds in a cage Elementary School Principal: You guys
don’t have the power to change the current situation you’re in and
Elementary School Principal: You guys also have nowhere to escape Narumi:
Natsume kun… Elementary school principal: Stop this useless resisting so
that the treatment you guys will be given afterwards may be reconsidered…
Natsume: Shut up Page 6 Natsume: The woman I love/ as I see her sink in the
same darkness I am in Natsume: What damn things might happen in the future/
Those type of thoughts can’t enter my head now Page 7 Natsume: The future
that you guys want Natsume: I don’t care about that Natsume: From now
on/…Whatever happens Natsume: I’ll protect this person Page 8 Natsume:
Definitely… Mikan’s thought: Natsume… Sfx: Fire starting Page 9
Fuukitai: They plan to escape here by using the flames Elementary School
Principal: Nobara Elementary School Principal: Stop Natsume’s flames
Mikan’s thought: Nobara chan… Elementary School Principal: Of course in
this situation/ If we were to look at the difference in power you are in a bad
situation Page 10 Elementary School Principal: And/ if he manages to protect
you Elementary School Principal: You treasure your friends so much Elementary
School Principal: While you are being protected by Natsume’s flames
Elementary School Principal: You just can’t ignore your friends right
Mikan’s thought: Wha… Elementary School Principal: Now, Nobara Elementary
School Principal: Stop these two now Page 11 Elementary School Principal: Now
Mikan: Nobara chan… Mikan’s thought: Natsume… People’s words: It’s
Ibaragi Nobara/ The snow woman Page 12 People’s words: The ice princess of
the dangerous ability class Mikan’s words: I’m your friend now! Mikan’s
words: Nobara chan Sfx: Freeze Luna: Eh Page 13 Mikan: Eh!? Mikan: Nobara chan
Nobara: Run………/ Run now Mikan chan Persona: Nobara Page 14 Fuukitai:
Wah! Narumi: Both of you this way Mikan: Naru sensei Nobara: Go now Mikan chan
Luna: What are you doing Fuukitai/ Hurry…Do something about this ice Luna:
We’re following them! Page 15 Luna: That woman… Luna: The stone of my
Alice which she stole is still with her… Luna’s thought: Unforgivable…
Luna: I won’t let you escape/ Sakura Mikan… Luna’s thought:
Unforgivable…… Luna: Wait you bastard!!!!!!!!!!! Page 16 Luna: You
thief!!!!!!!!!! Luna: Give me back my Alice!!!!!!!!!!!! Sfx: Slam Persona: Rui
Persona: Go follow them too Page 17 Nobara: Rui sa… Sfx: Throws mask
Persona: I’m disappointed in you Persona: Nobara Persona: You do know what
will happen to you because of this right Nobara: Persona……… Persona: To
think that…I treated you specially unlike the others Nobara’s thought:
No…. Persona: So this is what you give me/ for the trust that I have given
you………… Nobara’s thought: You’re wrong Persona… Page 18 Persona:
What a waste Nobara… Nobara’s thought: Persona… Page 19 Mikan’s
thought: Nobara chan… Mikan’s thought: Please be safe… Narumi: Both of
you this way! Mikan: Narumi sensei! Page 20 Mikan: Bear… Mikan: you…
Hotaru: Mikan Mikan: Hotaru! Mikan: Everyone! Mikan: Why are you guys
here…… Hotaru: After that everyone followed you guys…………. Note:
That must mean when Mikan was taken by the Fuukitai to the principal’s
office……… Page 21 Hotaru: Then we saw you guys being followed…
Fuukitai: There they are! Mikan: Hotaru! Hotaru: It’s fine so you guys go
now/ I’ll hear the details later Ruka: Natsume. Sakura Ruka: Hurry…
Natsume: Ruka! Mikan’s thought: Ruka pyon… Page 22 Ruka: Leave this to us
Ruka: That’s why Natsume/ Please bring Sakura……… Misaki: Mikan!
Misaki: Hurry up and go Hotaru: Mikan Page 23 Mikan: Hotaru Hotaru: Run now…
Hotaru: I promise that I’ll be safe and I will go see you Hotaru: It’s a
promise Mikan’s thought: Hotaru Mikan’s thought: For sure…… Page 24
Hotaru’s words: I promise……. Mikan: Natsume! Narumi: Natsume kun!
Natsume: Don’t make a fuss out of it Page 25 Natsume: I just tripped
Mikan’s thought: Natsume… Mikan’s thought: He looks like he’s in so
much pain Natsume: Those people following us might already be near now/ You
guys go ahead Mikan: You/ What are you saying… Narumi: …Mikan chan/ Bring
Natsume with you and escape now Mikan: Eh Narumi: I will buy you guys some
time Narumi: So use that time to escape Page 26 Mikan: Sensei… Narumi:
Don’t worry I’ll follow you guys afterwards Mikan’s thought: Escape, but
where… Narumi: Head to the middle school’s Hana Hime shrine Mikan’s
thought: Hana Hime shrine… Narumi: You already know the way…to the
basement of the Hana Hime shrine right? Narumi: With the barrier there even
the Elementary school prinicipal’s eyes won’t find you easily/ Just hide
there…We’ll meet up there Page 27 Mikan: But sensei… Mikan’s thought:
If I do that… Narumi: Mikan chan Narumi: This afternoon…I did say that I
had something to tell you right Narumi: Please listen to me Narumi: Together/
let’s escape to the outside together Page 28 Narumi: Let’s live outside/
The two of us… Mikan’s thought: Sensei...!? Narumi: Now…now that things
have turned out like this Narumi: Under that Elementary School Principal
unlike the past/ it’s already impossible for us to continue living here Page
29 Mikan: Sensei… Narumi: It’s so sudden…That it may be a harsh proposal
for you as of now/ but Narumi: I want you to accept Narumi: If you continue to
stay in this academy Narumi: I can’t just stand and watch you grow like this
Narumi: Mikan chan……… Mikan’s thought: ----------I’ll leave
Mikan’s thought: the academy…? Mikan’s thought: Everyone… Page 30
Mikan’s thought: I’ll be separated from everyone…… Mikan’s thought:
With Natsume… Fuukitai: There they are! Mikan: Narumi sensei!

cool ne? i can't wait to see the manga...Ü
Posted 5/3/08
97: May the 2nd

98: June the 5th

99: June 20th,

100: July 5th

I think that is the chapters when gakuen alice is coming
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23 / F / Philippines ^-^
Posted 5/3/08
nyaa~~~ thank you so its getting more and more exciting...!!!..
yyay...thank you ..thank you....
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21 / F / LA, CA!
Posted 5/3/08
hmm i just read somewhere on another site that the translator for this summary doesn't want anyone distrubiting her works :O she will stop translating if this continues ..
Posted 5/3/08
I agree with JACKii. The translator is mayumeca1563 from live journal - . Anyone who wish to read more, please go to her site. Do NOT distribute. She's already fed up of such things happening.
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Posted 5/3/08
hi want the anime one.. not the manga... its much more exciting when u watch it that read... so plz upload it here!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 5/4/08
Posted 5/4/08
thank u sooooooooooooooooooooo much^^
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Posted 5/4/08
omg, omg he confessed to her:


so cute, so cute, too cute
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Posted 5/6/08
umm...u can go to to read it. over there the summary is way better then this. this is like a retell
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Posted 5/8/08
sadly, narumi wants to live outside... only if elementary principal isn't bad, Narumi woul'dnt come up living out, hope they will not live outside...
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Posted 5/10/08
wat happend to mikan's mom i though she break in the school to get mikan
Posted 5/13/08
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Posted 5/13/08
i never knew there were a manga 4 this anime.
thank you so much...!
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Posted 5/14/08
i don't like the principal although he is pretty good looking. hehe n_n
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