your thoughts on NANA Ch74 [manga]
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Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
What do you think about chapter 74?
Share your opinions, views, or whatever about this chapter of Nana.

you can read it at

It gave me a shock when I found out that the little boy who looks like Shin/Ren in the last chapter was Takumi & Hachi's son and they named him Ren. Well I think he's Hachi's son 'cause Naoki said tit mus tbe terrible to be put in that kind of thing because of his parents or something like that and that Satsuki might be lonely because her family isn't together.. (maybe I have to re-read it so I can clear things up with what I'm thinking.. I was really surprised about the little boy thing that everytime I read the next page, my mind is still in that fact. hehe..) Well anyway, Takumi and Hachi isn't together 'cause he's in London and Hachi's in Japan. What got me thinking is what made them live separately? Did Hachi finally found out about Takumi and Reira? She has doubts about them but never really saw them together being all lovey-dovey, right? And did Misato found out that she's Nana's half sister? (the real Misato Uehara, not the fake one) It looked like she ran away from home and Shion took her in and suddenly called Yasu.. what's that about?

this is cute

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You just got me confused.
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