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Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09

altanah wrote:

The story originally came from MR.XXX
I heard it from Mr Matsumoto
and it really freaked me out.
When you hear it, I bet you'll want to tell it to everybody.

This really is scary!! but it is also ironic!! I like it.. thanks altanah... however... I Lolle if you didn't recognise me yet ^_^ see you and thankssssss
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Posted 3/11/09 , edited 3/11/09
ummm.......this is abit violent....if u dont like psycho things dont read this...its quite terrible LOL!. Dont know what drove me to write it but it scared the shit outa me as i wrote it LOL. Kinda scared myself that i could think up something like this. Anyways best not read it if ur too young! just a heads up! :)

p.s. The story about the policeman was freaky LOL Awsome true story LOL!.
Posted 3/21/09 , edited 3/22/09
my turn now!!!hehehe
p.s, this ism't really a scary story enless you know my teacher...
and this is completely really.

k so like, when i was in like grade 5 (two years ago) i had this really,really, super duper mean teacher right, she was my french teacher and so yah. one day, like around 5 ppl in my class forgot to do thei homework or forgot it at their house righ? so then, she got really really angry and she started to yeel at us! but she didn't just yell, she swore!!! and it was really funny but kinda scary at the same time cause she was really mad. so yah, here's how it went, but i'll kinda have to translate it to yah. my teacher was all like, i know that i'm acting like a b*tch but you guys are causing me to act like a b*tch cause if i don't act like a b*tch than i won't get ur attention so i have to act like a b*tch and she kept on going on saying the word b*tch in each of her sentences and she said like more than 5 sentences so she kept on going on and on saying the word b*tch right, and you know how i told you that she's french? well she has a really heavy acent we she talks in english, cause you know how some ppl have anyways, it sounded really funny so than all of us had to hold in our breath or else we would burst out laughing and then, one of my friends exloded from keeping it in too long so then my teache got enven more mad and started yelling again but thank god she wasn't swearing again, so then, we still had to do D.P.A (daily physical activitee) so then she said that she'll do it early right? so then my class thought that she was gonna bring us outside to play but than, instead she made us walk around the school like 2 or 3 times. and it was horible! cause she's kinda then she walks really slow so we were walking around my school and like some other teachers past by and asked what we were doing cause some teachers like saw us twice while doing our laps so our teacher said that we were doing ''D.P.A'' but seriously, she was just trying to make us suffer

so yah, that is my not so scary story.
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Posted 10/5/14 , edited 10/5/14
So, this is a true story of what happened to me and my friend who decided on one snowy day to go for a hike in the woods behind my house...

My friend and I were always close. We never made each other mad, sad, or even loathe being together. You could say we were 'hooked by the hips' at this point. Well, on a cold winter day in the middle of January, after the night of a big snow storm, we were sitting cozily in my living room after playing around in the snow. Hot chocolate filled the air, the warmth of the heater coming out of the vents made it feel so comfortable. Well it got boring. Fast. So we decided to go for a hike, we didn't mind the cold. After all, we just drank hot chocolate and were sweating at this point. After putting our gloves and hats back on, we packed some sandwiches for the road, left out the back door, and began our trek through the wilderness. In other words, the woods behind my house.

As we entered, any noise of traffic, kids playing, anything... Fell silent. We didn't pay too much mind to this, as we were behind my house and in the woods after all. Once we got in pretty far, there was a hill that we came across. I knew this hill, because I always sled down it when it snowed, and when I told my friend this he became a little irritated because it sounded like fun. I agreed with him and hit myself on the head. We laughed it off and continued down the hill, past a small river bed that was frozen over, and up the other hill to the other side. Once we got there, we found an old building.

This building looked very old, and most of its windows were shattered or even completely missing. Being the adventurist my friend is, he wanted to go inside and go treasure hunting. Oh, I forgot to mention, my friend loves old abandoned places, and ALWAYS goes inside. I reluctantly agreed, thinking it may be a little warmer at least on the inside, and we could eat. When we stepped in the house, it wasn't any warmer. If anything, it felt like the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. There was furniture in the house, but it was all battered. Graffiti and profane words sprawled all over the walls throughout the whole place, and there were dolls everywhere, too.

Once we made it to the dining room, the wind we had heard upon entering had seized, and it felt like we weren't alone. We sat down in the dining room, after finding a couple of nice looking chairs, and ate our lunch. I felt bad about leaving the trash, so I placed it in my bag, and we continued our tour of this weird place. We made it to a door, and when he opened it, we found a stairway to the basement. The smells of sulfur was really strong, and I was completely against going in. Well, the Gods were in my favor at this time, because the stairs were missing. I was so relieved at this, it hurts. Afterward we closed the door, went into the kitchen, and saw another set of stairs going upward. We decided 'f*** it' and went up. There wasn't anything special up here, most of the walls were rotted away making visible of almost the whole place, and the wind picked up again. Then that's when it got weirder.

As we stood at the top of the steps, we heard the front door open downstairs. Footsteps and voices were heard, too. Faint, but enough to hear. We couldn't understand the voices, either. It was hard to tell if it were a man or a woman. We looked at each other with the 'oh crap, we're gonna die' look, and went into one of the battered bedrooms, and sat on the bed. The voices stopped, and the wind died down again. My friend, being braver than me, looked down the stairs and listened for anything. After about five minutes of dead silence, we heard the most deafening scream we've ever heard. We both high tailed it down the stairs, only to see all the dolls were missing, the furniture was gone, and the front door had disappeared. We both ran back to my house, locked all the doors and windows, and watched TV to calm ourselves down.

Til this day, I remember that scream, and it still sends a chill down my spine...
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