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31 / F / Ávila, Spain - スペイン」
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COFFRET D'OR: Summer 2008 + April 25, 2008

New COFFRET D'OR campaign ads have been released for the new summer campaign that will begin June 16, 2008 [source]. More information will come when available but I honestly have to wonder how much I'll be able to get. The COFFRET D'OR campaign isn't nearly as bold as DoCoMo 2.0. Interesting fact though: when you Google JP "COFFRET D'OR," one of the top search options is "北川景子 COFFRET D'OR." No other actress has that luxury. Cool, ne? People search for more information on Keiko's attachment to the campaign than any of the other actresses. Below are images from the summer and winter campaign. Keiko looks stunning as usual. ENJOY!

DoCoMo 2.0: Epilogue + April 23, 2008

DoCoMo 2.0's year campaign has officially come to an end with the release of the DoCoMo 2.0: Epilogue commercial. Watch the TV-CM here or here and the Premium CM here. The gist of the commercial is years after they gathered in the bar of the first commercial. It's life after these eight friends go their separate ways in life. Fukiishii and Tsumabuki are still close. Fukishii still has her job as a flight attendant while Tsumabuki has taken the job of a pilot! Seeing Tsumabuki wiggle through the airport is absolutely hilarious! Anna and Nagase are married and have a child, and they make an insanely awesome couple. Asano is a very successful magician receiving awards left and right. The award he is winning in this commercial is the "Best Magician in the WORLD!" Keiko is doing a bit of world traveling herself and gasps in delight when she passes a store and sees Asano winning his award. Shame those too didn't end up married, ne? ^_~ Eita is in Paris---still riding his bike everywhere, isn't he? He sends a picture to Aoi who shows it to her pet alligator. Good luck, everyone! It's nice to see these eight friends wish each other well.

This full cast gathering for the last commercial marks it as the second (although last) time all eight celebrities grace the story at once. For the first filmed part of the commercial called, "Nagase Family," make-up artists took Nagase's successfully adlibbed "eye" scene from the first commercial and carried over to his "wife" Anna and "son" Noah. This scene was adlibbed as well, with Nagase in the lead and his "wife" and "son" following dutifully after him. Everyone one fell in heaps of laughter after filming was done. It went smoothly, and was a successful end to Nagase and Anna's characters.

Asano's segment of the commercial went well too. He entered the set looking more refreshed than usual in a nice suit, trimmed hair, and a freshly shaved face as would be demanded for someone attending a major awards ceremony. They had to film his segment quickly because he had to catch a plane to film for a different project. He is handed a crystal trophy shaped like a pigeon wearing a bowtie (how convenient ^_^). With quick adlib, the commercial is successfully completed. At one point he mentions something about Keiko (unfortunately I can't translate that part right so I'll just leave it at that).

Tsumabuki and Fukishii's segment of the commercial it really cute. Tsumabuki shows an obvious change in occupation, walking smoothly (and really silly) next to Fukishii who once again dons her cute, blue flight attendant uniform. A foreign woman accidentally walks in and cuts Fukishii of in the middle of filming. Realizing her mistake she apologizes and laughs along with everyone else. Other than that slight interruption, everything went okay.

Eita's segment takes place in France. It's supposed to be a lovely spring day but it rained earlier on the day of filming so the ground was wet and one could tell it rained before. Eita's flashy styling became a topic of conversation but everyone liked it and decided there was no need to change it in order to show a passage of time. Aoi's segment took her back to the set of the first commercial for her character is a brightly lit room with an alligator for a costar. It rustled in the corner every now and then, interrupting filming. It was calm enough in the end to land the shot.

And finally there is Keiko's segment. She isn't wearing an obnoxious amount of head to toe pink so I suppose that shows how much she's matured in the "years" that have passed, ne? Keiko is filmed walking in a public area to give the sense of activity in a foreign city. She walks past a wall of monitors dressed casually in denim with a messenger bag which makes for easy travel when sight seeing. She turns and appears to be looking at Asano in the monitors even though they're all blank. It would be difficult to act like you're seeing what isn't there, right? But Keiko does well and filming ends smoothly

The filming ended this way. DoCoMo 2.0 became a fun series where there was unending laughter on set, no matter who was being filmed. What happens to these eight friends further in the future will be something to have fun thinking about until they meet again. For now? Keep supporting the friendship, love, work, and family of DoCoMo 2.0! [source]

Credits IKK

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F / Keiko Land~~
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F / ♪Inside Your Head♫
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wow, so pretty!
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31 / F / Ávila, Spain - スペイン」
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Suntory: Capsela + May 26, 2008

Another commercial campaign! 2008 saw the end of DoCoMo 2.0 but the beginning of Glico: Palitte, the continuation of Kanebo: COFFRET D'OR, and now----Suntory: Capsela! For the well informed Keiko fan know about this already. But for fans slow on the uptake (and for the noobs) this is Keiko's second Suntory commercial---the first being...well...her first commercial outside of Seventeen, Suntory 'Let's' Diet Water. God bless the stylist---Keiko looks beautiful and refreshing (like lemonade! ^_^) in blue and natural make-up which contrasts greatly with the heavy make-up and dark colors they had her wearing for Palitte. Kudos to DB, for providing the commercial! Enjoy the goodies!

Credits: IKK
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24 / F / 美國
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She's in the Homeroom on the Beachside drama which is airing right now.
And she's going to be in a movie called Handsome Suit that's going to come out later this year. XD
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