*Special A Membership Cards!!!*
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Posted 5/3/08 , edited 8/28/08
Here you can get your own membership cards for the group~ Just follow the steps and be patient~! I soccerscot15 will be creating the cards now too




Step 1: Information
I need your :

Username :
Name :
D.O.B (date of birth, pls not in digits like 5/7) :
Gender :
Blood Type ( If you don't know it will be Unknown, if not placed it will be N/A) :

Simply copy and Paste


Step 2: Choose one of these pictures

Picture 1: Kei Takishima

Picture 2: Hikari Hanazono

Picture 3: Jun Yamamato

Picture 4: Megumi Yamamato

Picture 5: Tadashi Karino

Picture 6: Akira Toudou

Picture 7: Ryuu Tsuji

Picture 8: Yahiro Saiga

Picture 9: All S.A Members


Step 3: Special features! ( Optional )

A) Hearts

B) Sparkles

C) Bubbles

D) Snow



- I will only do another card for you unless i make a mistake on your first one.

- Request again if you would like another card but a different character.

- Be Patient, and Request only ONE card at a time.

- When I'm finished, I will Private Message (PM) you.

- You can find ALL the cards in HERE..

- Please put your form like this:

Blood Type:
Picture #:
Special Effect:

- Please DO NOT quote my post.

Edited: July 21, 2008
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