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SPEED is a famous and highly respected female Jpop group consisting of four members hailing from Okinawa Japan: Hiroko Shimabukuro, Eriko Imai, Takako Uehara, and Hitoe Arakaki. The girls all attended the Okinawa Actors School (OAS) which also counts Namie Amuro, MAX and Da Pump among its alumni members. Speed is officially the best selling female group in Japan when it comes to combined album and single's numbers. With their 6 albums (3 Best Album) & 11 singles, they sold 19.28 million/19,280,000 units of CD before disbandment during their together period of 3 years 8 months/1335 days. However, the title of best selling female group in terms of number of singles is now held by idol group Morning Musume after surpassing the 11.085 million mark with the release of their 33rd single. Although unlike SPEED's achievement, Morning Musume took up 10 years to break this record previously set by the legendary idol duo Pink Lady. Prior to SPEED's disbandment, none of their singles released ever sold below the 550,000 mark - a feat yet to be matched by any other jpop artist or band. With their success and accomplishments, they have paved the way for many other youthful female groups such as Folder 5, Morning Musume and Zone.

On March 31, 2000 Speed Officially disbanded and to celebrate they released two CD albums titled 'Dear Friends 1' and 'Dear Friends 2 - 1335 days' respectively. The albums contained all their hit singles along with previously unreleased tracks. Dear Friends 2 contained their break up theme song April and the video featured the girls along with review clips of their past music videos and concerts. The albums also contained a program that when installed displayed little virtual images of the girls on your computer screen.


SPEED(スピード)は、日本の女性4人組の歌手グループ。1990年代後半を代表する女性アイドルグループだったが2000年に解散した。『White Love』、『my graduation』はメガヒットを記録し、それぞれ冬の名曲、卒業の名曲として知られる事となった。その頃にリリースされた曲は次々とミリオンセラーとなった。又、数多くのCMにも抜擢された。主なプロデューサーは伊秩弘将。


Speed foi um dos grupos vocais femininos mais populares de todos os tempos no Japão. A música do grupo era destinada ao público adolescente, sempre tendo o amor como o tema principal.

Formado no dia 17 de Outubro de 1995, quatro meninas da "Okinawa Actors School" (OAS), mesma escola onde passaram artistas como, Amuro Namie, Max, Da Pump e Rina Chien, foram escolhidas pela RISING Productions para o programa "Yoru mo Hit Parade". Assim elas deixaram Okinawa, a terra natal delas rumo à Tóquio.

Essas meninas eram:
Hiroko Shimabukuro nascida no dia 7 de Abril de 1984, Eriko Imai nascida no dia 22 de setembro de 1983, Takako Uehara nascida no dia 14 de Janeiro de 1983 e Hitoe Arakaki nascida no dia 7 de Abril de 1981.
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
Hiroko e Eriko no vocal,Takako e Hitoe vocal de apoio.

□ foto: Takako, Hiroko, Eriko e Hitoe.

31 de março de 2000 o grupo SPEED anunciou a separação após 4 anos de carreira.

SPEED是日本4人女子演唱團體,在1990年代後期於日本名噪一時,於2000年解散;製作人為伊秩弘將。原屬經紀事務所現名為VISION FACTORY。

1995年11月11日在日本電視音樂節目『THE夜もヒッパレ』中開始活動,同年12月2日經由公開招募決定團體名稱(正式發表為1996年1月13日,同日為SPEED正式組成日);1996年8月5日發行單曲『Body & Soul』,並於同年12月31日獲得日本唱片大賞新人賞;在此之後發行的『White Love』、『my graduation』大受歡迎;1997年3月2日、獲得日本金唱片大賞,同年12月31日、出演NHK紅白歌合戰;1998年SPEED進入全盛期,當年發表的三張單曲全部取得日本Oricon排行榜冠軍;1999年10月5日、突然間發表將於2000年4月1日解散的消息,後於2000年3月31日在日本朝日電視台音樂節目『Music Station』演出後解散;解散後分別於2001年與2003年,為了慈善籌款以「限期復出」的方式舉行演唱會及發表唱片。

* 島袋寬子:1984年4月7日生,負責主音。
* 今井繪理子:1983年9月22日生,負責主音。
* 上原多香子:1983年1月14日生,負責伴舞及合音。
* 新垣仁繪:1981年4月7日生,負責伴舞及合音。

四人皆為『沖縄アクターズスクール』音樂學校出身。其中今井绘理子已经结婚並生一子,其丈夫為搖滾樂團175R的主唱 Shogo,但最終因兩人家庭目標不一致而離婚。
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