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Posted 5/3/08
Man, since I keep seeing people (Or more like marble man) posting so many stories on here, I just now had the urge to continue mines. I'll eventually post up again the continuation to this at some point when I feel motivated again. Otherwise, enjoy!

A dark figure from behind the warehouse came in with his hands in his pockets, glaring at them both.
"What do you think you're doing?" He continued to glare, and Alex looked up.
"Hey boss!" He waved at him, and saw with those fired up eyes, that he wasn't too happy. Alex put his hand down and then looked at the woman, then glanced a bit at the boy who was trying to curl up and squirm away. He walked up to him and kicked him on his left shoulder, making him topple over and just whimper. The other figure was just leaning back with his hands crossed and chuckling.
"SHUT UP! SHUT UP BEFORE I -" Alex was cut off by the dark figure that was walking towards him.
"Now shouldn't be so cruel to the boy." He faced Alex, then to the boy and just looked at him with pity. He scoffed and brang out his gun, then shot him twice in the head, making him squirm a bit while the blood splurted out. And then, just a slight silence.

He looked to the other side and saw the woman who was crying, but yet had this odd face with misery and hatred, while the blood continued to flow.
"Oh, you've just ruined this one as well....." He knelt down beside her and poked her cheek, making her breathe faster and faster the more he got close to her.
"You gonna kill her too, boss?" The figure looked at him and then at her with a smirk on his face.
"You know you can't do much to her in that state." He let out a small chuckle, and the man stood up, found the nearest object next to him and threw it at his face.
"Don't ask me such stupid questions, Santos". He knelt down and got close to her, licking off some blood from her face and then petted her head. He started to play with her stained hair, then lost himself while doing so.
"Eh, boss. We don't have much time, you know." Alex kept staring at him while he continued to play around with her bloody hair, and then he snapped himself back in reality.He got up and made a hand gesture.
"Bag her." He then walked away from them and out of the warehouse to smoke. A couple of minutes after, Santos came out with his hands stained with dark blood and sighed while standing next to his boss.
"You done?" His boss handed him a smoke and he let out big puffs while staring at the horizon. Santos took it and just fiddled with it for a while, then put it in his mouth and lit it up.
"Yup. All done... Did you want her gagged too there, Mike?" He let out huge smokes and then started to make circles with them.
"Don't call me Mike, Santos. That man is dead gone. Just call me.....John." He smiled at the thought of others calling him by that name and him being known far and wide.
"So then, Mi-, I mean, John. What got you into this business in the first place? I thought you would have been happy just working for your old man." He started to play with the lighter and continued to smoke, then gave a glance at John.
"Heh....for the same reason anyone working for the Mafia wants. Booze, women, sex, money, name it." He threw the cigarrete on the floor and stepped on it, letting it all go into pieces and the smoke fumes come out a bit. Santos just flicked his cigarette to the side and gave out a chuckle.

"You haven't changed at all, Mike..." John looked at him straight in the face, flicked his forehead, then got out a toothpick and put it in his mouth.
"Not Mike, Santos. John. Get it through your thick fucking head." He put his hands back in his pockets and walked into the warehouse. Santos gave out a small chuckle.
" haven't changed one fucking bit, Mike. Same stubborn old perv from before." He turned around and walked behind John while almost mimicking his walk, his posture, and his face.
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