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asian actors/actresses who got more attractive or unattractive
Posted 5/10/08

barbiegurl wrote:

yeah......... yamapi was cute when he was a kid........ super skinny when he was teen.... then..... super hot now!!!

u r sooo damn rite gul.... its juz super cuteness when he's still a kid.. n i juz cant stand watching stand up and sore wa totsuzen because he was soooo skinny back then... n now... OMG... how can sum1 be sooo smexy 24/7 like him.... i juz love him... yamapi.... daisuki!!
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Posted 5/10/08
haha..O my God.. U r all right!
Yamapi is getting hotter every minute..hehe..and i'm lovin it!
well as for my list of stars who changed positively and negatively..i have..

*Taiwanese F4* sorry bout the pics..these is all i can get..haha.. i miss the good old days..when they were younger..

*Ikuta Toma* bad boy a more adorable look..

*Shida Mirai* i love her.. and she's just 14!.. she's looking more prettier..

*Inoue Mao* back when she was 13.. and now..

*Aya Ueto* girl-next-door.. then.. now.. Japan's "it" girl.

*Nagasawa Masami*

*Jun Matsumoto* from kawaii to manly.. sumtimes i hate it.. i like his childly face..

*Barbie Xu* i like her carefree look more..

*that's all for now..hehe..

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Posted 4/14/11 , edited 4/14/11
I didn't think any of the members were pretty when they first came out, but now I think most of them are pretty.

Oguri Shun
so handsome at first

but not recently

so beautiful!

but recently he looks like he hasn't showered and hasn't slept ... probably partying a lot too
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Posted 4/14/11
yamapi gets more and more attractive as he grew old.
and rain bi...
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