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25 / M / Australia
Posted 5/4/08

As the creature kills despite its shell
The world revolves upside down
Not the way the Lords intended
Indeed the truth is within the vines
Twisted and wretched, hallucinating too
Never try to read behind the cursed words
Fear not dear reader, for this is but a dream
As you gather all your thoughts
Scattered among the clouds and dusty floors
Thrown against the sea winds and shores

The lowly maids and servants hide beneath the wharf
Announcing the pure deceit that lies in time and hand
Thus, the scavengers and thieves rejoice
For high nobility hath once and once more will fall
Cast away the coins, the rags and the dirt
Cast away your lives, your past and your hopes
What good is it to live in this world of deep regret
If all but the higher ones reside beneath our feet
Like rats in empty sewerage and mice in boiling water
Like the cocking of a gun held at a maimed man’s hand

All good is lost, all bad is within good
Found not lost among our hearts but golden virtues
Virtues that are plastic gold worthless and fake
Failing to praise the quantity of happiness
The test which was not the start but the last of the end
Around the myths and legends that soon revolved from lies
Like candy from a sack full of rotten blood ties
Loss of limbs in rage and pain, loss of heart too
For the demons which linger deep within
Appear not evil but good.

Yeah...Uhm it's mostly about how the government and high authorative figures can fuck up the world for us. Thanks for that guys. Lol. Really, I appreciate a nuclear bomb exploding in my face. It's refreshing. >.>

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25 / M / Australia
Posted 5/4/08
btw its not ment to rhyme. it's uh yeah a non-rhyming poem...o.O
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F / Canada
Posted 5/4/08
Hm...~ It's a pretty good poem, there's one thing that could make it better though, try making it a little smoother. It's hard to read like it is now.
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39 / F / Scotland
Posted 5/28/08
hi, i like it, but it feels more like a prologue to a first chapter of a novel.
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