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Post Reply What do you hate most when you watch an Anime?
Posted 12/10/08

1. Girls who would do anything for some guy they badly know!

2. Girls who are weak and need to be rescued ALL the time

3. Transformations, takes sooo darm long and when you have seen them many times they are just boring

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18 / F / UK
Posted 12/10/08
1. Filler episodes that are obnoxiously boring. I don't have a problem with fillers in general, just really boring ones. @_@
2. Cliffhangers
3. Moments where they keep switching between a) super important dramatic fight/confrontation/etc. scene and b) crappy boring scene talking about stuff nobody cares about
4. Episodes that just consist of a character talking. Especially when it spans more than one episode. I don't care if you're explaining the plot, at least make it interesting ._.
5. Awful opening/ending songs.
6. Impossible to read subtitles.
7. How a large majority of the girl characters are stereotypically clumsy/helpless/cute
8. Over-the-top fanservice
w0w big list
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21 / M / Singapore
Posted 12/10/08
when ppl disturb me
is it counted?
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Posted 12/10/08
i don't like it when the characters are too ugly....
i have it when they keep on repeating scenes
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28 / SORA DE
Posted 12/10/08
In descending order:

1. Long pathetic done-to-death dialogue about friendship
2. Filler episodes
3. Transformations
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22 / F / Germany.
Posted 12/10/08
Um.. Bad graphics.. bad qualities..
Stupid dancinggirls ..
Guys who fallen for the wrong chicks .. xD
Stupid parents who don't allow anything.
And stupid Noblefamilies.. They think they are a lot better than all other humans in world..
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25 / M / In the Nocturnal Sky
Posted 12/10/08
MY main two concerns that dissappoint me in anime are fillers and no plot in an anime that does not have any comedy in it really.

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22 / F / Abu Dhabi UAE
Posted 12/10/08
1- fillers
2- bad quality
3- when i have 2 wait a whole week to watch an episode
4- when the main character dies
5- I hate all the monsters !!
what else ?? I think that's all ^-^

thunx 4 the Q
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Posted 12/10/08
I hated it when they show nudity! It seems, every anime have nude or perverted scenes!
Posted 12/10/08
when somebody bothers me while i watching them...
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29 / F / Muahahahaha!
Posted 12/10/08

JusticexFreedom wrote:

Unlucky wrote:

i really hate when the character talks for 20 minutes and then it just ends and u have to wait for the next ep

Agreed. I hate it too.

Especially when you waited like two weeks for this episode! And you keep looking at the timebar of your player to see how much of the episode's left to see if the ep might turn out good afterall. Never does though.
Posted 12/12/08
i hate:
1)rushed endings in romance animes
2)filler episodes
3)idol fanclubs for guys n girls alike
4)too many recaps
6)bad art and graphics
7)chibi's at times,like in yamato nadeshiko
8)super huge boobs
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29 / San Fran
Posted 12/12/08
Characters who never freaking lose!
Posted 12/12/08
when the main character rival appear
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18 / F / Dead because of C...
Posted 12/12/08
1.perverted scenes
2.too many flashbacks
3.shoujo animes...
4.when its overrated


1.transformations!! i can't believe so many people dont like them they're so fun to watch and its so epic!! you guys clearly don't know classic animes like mazinger Z
2.bad quality animes- i dont like them, im just saying i dont care if animation isn't good... as long as the plot is good!!

my most hated thing of all-
SHOUJO ANIME AND YAOI AND YURI!!! oh my god they piss me off so much!!! and with all the obbsession and drooling fan girls.... ~.~ makes me sick to my stomach... like vampire knight, skip beat, shugo chara, all that stuff.
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